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obtuse (adj) – 1. (a) Lacking quickness of perception or intellect.
(b) Characterized by a lack of intelligence or sensitivity.
(c) Not distinctly felt.
2. (a) Not sharp, pointed, or acute in form.
(b) Having an obtuse angle.
(c) Botany Having a blunt or rounded tip.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Early 15th century, “dull, blunted,” from Middle French obtus (fem. obtuse), from Latin obtusus “blunted, dull,” also used figuratively, past participle of obtundere “to beat against, make dull,” from ob “in front of; against” + tundere “to beat,” from PIE *(s)tud-e- “to beat, strike, push, thrust,” from root *(s)teu- “to push, stick, knock, beat” (source also of Latin tudes “hammer,” Sanskrit tudati “he thrusts”). Sense of “stupid” is first found circa 1500.