Worriers guide to Nazis and fascists

Satirical tweet from Twitter troll Godfrey Elfwick AKA Lisa

They think of themselves as warriors fighting for oppressed minorities but really they are people who are worried about an enemy who does not exist. They want Nazis to punch so they can feel like they are fighting evil but?Nazism?(or National Socialism) is a set of political beliefs associated with the German?Nazi?Party that started in the 1920s that no longer exists.

When these warriors?worriers are not calling people with different opinions to them Nazis they are calling them fascists as they seem to think that they are the exact same thing. They aren’t.

Fascism?is a form of government which is a type of one-party dictatorship. Fascists are against democracy. They work for a totalitarian one-party state led by?a dictator who keeps control?by imposing direct military control of normal civilian functions of government. Pretty much every dictator throughout history could be described as a fascist.

Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, the fascist leaders of Italy and Nazi Germany

When you are a Social Justice Worrier the above definitions do not apply. A person doesn’t have to support an actual totalitarian dictator or be an actual totalitarian dictator to be called a Fascist and they do not need to follow the ideology of Nazism or be a member of the now-defunct political?group the Nazis to be called a Nazi.

We sent a Whaleoil writer undercover and at great risk to their personal safety?(the poor bastard had to eat lentils and?Tofu)?they managed to make a copy of the S.J.W’s guide to Nazis. They found it under a Vegan recipe book in the back office of the Aotearoa Independent Media centre.

Screenshot: Whaleoil

Credit: SB Whaleoil

The guide started off with an educational chart.


Digital image credit: Kiwidoge

It then gave some photographic examples of what Western Nazis in the wild look like.

?Anti-feminism Nazi

?Nazi President

(* Very devious as he keeps the proletariat content by creating more jobs)

Free speech Nazi

( *Especially dangerous must team up with FIANZ, Auckland Peace Action and Phil Goff to eliminate this type)

Gay Jewish Nazi

Race traitor?Black Nazi

( married to gay Jewish Nazi)

Academic Nazi

(*do not attempt to defeat him using arguments as he is too well armed)

White Troll Nazi?

(* particularly disgusting as wants to make his country great again)