You cannot remove the violence in Islam without destroying it

Its impossible to overcome the violence in Islam without destroying the religion itself. That is why it cannot come into the West.

The secular West has forgotten what it means to desire salvation. It is the desire for salvation which drives jihadists.

A human sacrifice performed at the top of a pyramid, this was a major aspect of Aztec culture

Unfortunately, if that deep desire is warped then it brings out the worst in us. In pantheist cultures like the Aztecs, the sun was their deity and they feared it would not come up each day and they would perish. So they sacrificed human beings day in and day out in order to make the sun come up.

Jihad ‘martyrs’ kill others and in the process themselves because it is theologically the only certain direct path into paradise.

In Christianity, there is only one ordinary means revealed by which one may be saved (there are others, but I am speaking of ordinary, not extraordinary) and that is Baptism. Jihad martyrdom is also the only apparently ‘revealed’ ordinary means by which a Muslim may be definitely saved. (Which of course is utterly untrue by any theological measure of reality).

Islam has what you call double predestination?which is radicalised by Islam?s absolute voluntarism. Essentially, this means there is no other active power in the world except God?s and?that some are predestined for hell and others for paradise from the moment of their creation. The only way to trump the possibility of being predestined for hell is jihad martyrdom

So certain is it that after the Manchester bombing all the Imams refused to pray for the jihadist. The silly media thought that this was a sign of respect for those murdered. In fact, it was because there is no need to pray for a soul already in paradise. They felt no need to pray for him. In fact, their not praying was an insult to the victims of the Manchester bombing.

Violence in Islam won’t stop because in its own warped system it feeds the deepest desire of the human heart.

Rene Girard thought that Islam ‘went around behind Christianity and Judaism’…its major regressive act is to again, like Montezuma, place God on the side of the murderer and not on the side of the victim (like Isaac and Christ). It feeds the scapegoat mechanism in all of us and will turn us sharply back to a world which denies man’s humanity in favour of the demands of a God which by its own nature cannot be true.


by Maria