Your guide to the new Girl Guide badges

The Girl Guides UK has revamped it’s traditional badges and come up with some new ones to help girls ‘take on the world’.? Quote:

In the biggest overhaul in the charity?s history, badges such as ?hostess? and ?operating a radio? will be consigned to the past and replaced with 72 new ones designed to help girls ?take on the world?.

There will now be six themes ? ?express myself?, ?be well?, ?know myself?, ?skills for my future?, ?have adventures? and ?take action?.

Badges for Guides ? aged ten to 14 ? include mixology, which will involve using fruits, juices, herbs and spices to create a non-alcoholic drink.? End of quote.

To help guide you through this confusing maze of options, we’ve devised a layman’s guide to how these new badges translate into real-world skills.

Festival-goer:?Learn how to navigate attending your first festival in all weathers. You could go to an outdoor music event, a commercial festival or a camping event from the Girlguiding calendar.

Translation: How to get smacked on weed and sexually assaulted in the mud at Glasto!

Craftivism: Craftivism involves carefully crafting items that make a statement, advocate for change and challenge injustice. Make wearable crafts that convey a statement on current affairs and display on clothes.

Translation: Dress like a weirdo and never get a boyfriend


Upcycling: Save discarded objects from going into landfills by transforming them into new things.

Translation:? Make chunky jewellery out of old cutlery.? Pretend to like it.


Human Rights: Discuss what basic things humans need and what to do when they are denied them.

Translation: Throw a tantrum when Daddy won’t let you drive the Porsche to pony club.


Natural Remedies: Skincare and healthcare don?t need to cost the earth. Create your own from natural ingredients.

Translation:? Don’t shave your pits.? Don’t wear deodorant.? Pretend it’s natural and sexy.? Unfriend anyone who gags when you raise your arms.? Learn to be alone. A lot.?


Mindfulness: This meditation technique is aimed at calming you down or helping you pay attention. Activity focuses on being ?present? and aware of surroundings.

Translation: Wear headphones, all the time.? Ignore everyone.? Only grunt when spoken to.


Mixology: Design a menu of non-alcoholic cocktails and hold a ?mocktail party? for friends or family.

Translation: Are you kidding?? Spike the punch with cheap vodka and keep a measuring tape handy to see who can spew the furthest.