60 txts and 39 phone calls, and that warranted a book ‘exposing’ it all?

Nicky Hager is like rust, he never sleeps. He is still carrying on his witch-hunt to silence effective conservative voices.

Yesterday I received an email from the Department of Internal Affairs saying they were going to release information to Nicky Hager as a result of an OIA. David Farrar got a similar one. Quote:

Good morning Cam,

This email is to advise you that the Department of Internal Affairs has received an OIA request from Nicky?Hager?for:

  • correspondence between Jason Ede and Mr Slater and Mr Farrar from January 2008 to December 2011, including texts;
  • the same information between Phil de Joux, Kevin Taylor, Wayne Eagleson and Mr Slater or Mr Farrar from January 2011 to 11 March 2015; and
  • correspondence between DIA employees [in the Prime Minister?s office] and Jason Ede from January 2011 to 11 March 2015.? ?

?This request was originally made to Rt Hon Sir John Key?s office in 2015, and was subject of a complaint to the Ombudsman in 2016. The complaint had not been resolved at the time of the change of Government last year, and the Ombudsman accordingly advised Mr?Hager?that he could renew his request to the Department, which he has.

I have attached for your information the documents that the Department has determined as being in scope of Mr?Hager?s request and which contain your name. The Department has made the decision to withhold the phone numbers of all parties. We do not consider that there are grounds to withhold any other information from these documents.

We will be indicating in our response to Mr?Hager?in relation to the extracts from Vodafone invoices that the Department does not hold any records that indicate the nature of the communications i.e. if any calls or texts between individuals were made in a private capacity or in an official capacity as an employee in the office of the Prime Minister.?We will also be indicating that there are no records of any emails between yourself and any of the staff named in the request.

The Department is planning to send the information to Mr?Hager?tomorrow (Friday 24 August 2018). End quote.

Well, I am releasing this information ahead of that.

This is what it will show:

  • Over four years I sent or received 60 txts and made or received 49 phone calls between myself and Jason Ede. Of the 49 phone calls, 10 were missed calls. So the real number of phone calls was 39 phone calls…OVER FOUR YEARS!
  • On average over four years that is 15 txt messages and 9.75 phone calls per year.

Hardly the conspiracy of the year. It makes Hager’s book look like the joke it actually was.

For all of that,?he wrote a book alleging a massive dirty conspiracy going to the heart of a government, caused three separate and expensive inquiries which found nothing was illegal. His real goal was to try to bring down a government, which he failed to do. His secondary goal was to bring down me, which he again failed to do.

The mainstream media, or the enemedia as I shall now call them, all bought and helped spread Hager’s mistruths, spin and succumbed to his effective blackmail of them into supporting his contention. They are as guilty as Hager of trying to subvert an election. In the end, it mattered for nothing as voters are way smarter than the enemedia and Hager. They saw through the attempt to pervert and subvert an election and returned John Key’s government. The fact they are still trying and going on about this shows how desperate they all are.

I also happen to know, because I’ve been notified of two more requests that the NZ Herald and Newshub are now going after other communications between me and the new government. The witch hunt to shut me down is still on and the NZ Herald and Newshub are donkey deep involved in it all.

The left wing will try harder now. This is the reason why we are launching our own products like The Whale Meat Company and have moved to a subscription model so that attacks mounted against us cannot hurt us financially.? Conservative voices must strengthen their resolve and people who value those conservative voices must support them otherwise those voices will fall silent.

C Slater Pages From Appendix 1 – Redacted – Vodafone Invoices by Cam Slater on Scribd