A frustrated National supporter and Whaleoil reader writes

Dear Mr. Goodfellow,
I am writing to you to ask a very simple question.
Many of us on the right of politics have no idea.

The most common perception is the Party is Labour lite. Some even think it is to the left of Labour. Not many would say it was a Party BASED ON ITS FOUNDING PRINCIPLES. Many would say it is a Party that, in some areas, is only to keen to follow Labour?s agenda.
I wonder if, because the Polls show 45 per cent support, you think all is well with National. If that is the case then I have cause to advise you that both yourself and the Party are SERIOUSLY DELUDED.

What the 45 per cent shows is NOT POPULAR SUPPORT for National but support based on the fact THERE IS NOWHERE ELSE TO GO.

What those of us on the right are crying out for is STRONG LEADERSHIP.

We need a leader who:

  1. Is able to STATE WITH CLARITY where National stands on every issue.
  2. Is able to ask the QUESTIONS THAT MATTER at Question Time.
  3. Is able to tackle the government head-on ISSUES OF IMPORTANCE to the voters.
  4. Is able to handle the media and their FAKE NEWS.

None of the above is happening under the current leadership. A Leader is needed who can create headlines and MAKE NEWS. A Leader who CAN GET CUT THROUGH. We on the right all know who that person is – JUDITH ?COLLINS. Her popularity was reflected in a recent Newshub Poll. If you disagree then may I suggest you are OUT OF TOUCH with public opinion?

It is difficult not to make the case that the National Party is COMPLETELY UNAWARE OF THE DANGEROUS AND DISASTROUS PATH down which this country is being taken. Free speech is the latest and probably the most important example highlighting this. A number of National MP?s have individually expressed support and condemned what has taken place. Fine, but where is the statement from the PARTY AS A WHOLE condemning this and how it will STOP IT HAPPENING AGAIN?

Where are the STRONG WORDS that will GRAB THE HEADLINES?

In Question Time the first Question from the Leader of the Opposition to the PM should have been –

The National Party leadership needs to portray a much more AGGRESSIVE STANCE
in the House. They also need to get the message out in the media that this is a government with a MARXIST AGENDA and all their policies are designed to achieve this aim. Media releases should be written in a way that will get the media?s attention.

It is not good enough for the National Party to think they are a government in waiting. The fact that Labour is at 43 per cent in the polls means National needs to CHANGE ITS STRATEGIES and take a good hard look at the PERFORMANCE OF ITS LEADERS.

I am convinced, along with many others, that none of the above will be achieved until JUDITH COLLINS is elected as Leader.

Kind regards