A Na?ve Idiot investigates: Auckland Peace Action

After receiving a cryptic message from a person or persons unknown, I put my amateur detective skills to the test. ?????

Who or what was Auckland Peace Action? What was their connection to notorious international terrorist network, Antifa? Had I really been supporting Nazis by vocalising my support for free speech? 

Was nonviolence really the one true way to peace, or had Gandhi conned us all? I knew I had to follow this rabbit hole as far down as it went. ?

Joking aside: This video is obviously meant for fun, but in all seriousness, these people are dangerous and they will be out in force in Auckland tonight. 

Antifa have claimed the demonstration will be nonviolent. That would be fantastic ? I couldn?t be more in favour of a peaceful protest ? but considering the source, I?m sure we all naturally have our doubts. 

Even if the organisers have sincere intentions, they can?t control who shows up. Any opportunistic sociopath might be stoked at the chance to camouflage themselves in with a crowd of bored students in ski masks.

But this is one of those situations where we should all be truly hoping to be proven wrong. 

Getting to say ?I told you so? is the worst case scenario here.

Any Whaleoilers going to the event, have fun and stay safe. Remember ? they are looking for a fight. Don?t give them the satisfaction of finding one. If they scream abuse at you, the best thing you can do is stay calm. If you feel threatened, I?d really encourage you to get video footage.

Sending aroha and good vibes to Auckland.

Kia kaha. ??