A rare win for freedom of speech at Aus uni

Caption: A peaceful mob of left-wing campus staff and students, protesting peacefully

One of the most invidious tactics in the attack on free speech is the many-headed hydra known as the ‘heckler?s veto’. The heckler?s veto takes many forms, from good old mob violence to online mobs bullying and harassing businesses. But common to them all is the unhinged mob.

As Maureen O?Hara?s Esmeralda asks, in the superb 1939 film of The Hunchback of Notre Dame: ?When was justice ever dealt out by a mob??

In the United States, the First Amendment (despite common, foolish internet wisdom to the contrary) acts to protect speakers from the heckler’s veto. Hence the neo-Nazi ninnies of Skokie were not only allowed to parade their bile, but the state was obliged to protect them from angry, reactionary mobs.

But leftist governments and institutions have cottoned on to a way to wriggle out of this civic obligation. Instead of blatantly refusing to protect WrongThink speakers from violent leftist mobs, authorities try and charge them outrageous bills for ?security?. For instance, the same Victoria Police who have for years provided free security at football matches have tried to gouge conservatives like Milo Yiannopulous and Lauren Southern for hundreds of thousands of dollars, simply for the privilege of not being set upon by violent leftist thugs.

When a student group engaged sex therapist Bettina Arndt to speak at Victoria?s La Trobe university, campus authorities tried the same tactic.

But in a rare win for free speech on campuses, La Trobe has now backed down. Quote:

La Trobe University administrators will pay to beef-up security on campus for a Liberal Party event featuring prominent therapist and social commentator Bettina Arndt, after protesters threatened to derail the event with a ?rally against sexism and bigotry?. End of quote.

By ?rally?, of course, they mean ‘deranged outburst of mob violence’. It?s also tellingly hypocritical that thugs who want to beat to a pulp anyone who has an opinion that they don?t like are bleating the loudest about so-called ?bigotry?. These illiterate baby-fascists really need to read a dictionary sometime. Quote:

Liberal students at La Trobe have considered changing the date of Ms Arndt?s address over fears they wouldn?t be able to pay for ?security to restrain a rally planned to coincide with her speech.

But university administrators yesterday told The Australian they had decided the university would cover the cost of security, out of a desire to preserve free speech and discussion on campus. ?We welcome free speech and the event will go ahead,? a spokesman said.

?Event security will be provided by the university at no cost to student organisers.? End of quote.

Of course, the university had to be shamed into living up to their obligation of providing a space for the free exchange of ideas. But it’s better than nothing. Quote:

?It?s an exciting development, it just a shame that it came after a bit of media pressure and hopefully next time they?ll think twice before moving to censor an event off the bat,? La Trobe University Liberal Club president James Plozza told The Australian. End of quote.