A single letter activates the Ardern virtue signal

The Ardern virtue signal has been activated

RadioNZ addresses Ms Ardern’s stance on the detainees at Nauru.? Quote:

The Prime Minister is softening her language over whether she will meet with refugees on Nauru when she visits the island for the Pacific Islands Forum next month.?End of quote.

Of course Ms Ardern is softening her language.? Our virtue signalling prime minister wants to bring the detainees – the 119 children plus their families to New Zealand.?Quote:

An Iranian man detained on Nauru wrote to Jacinda Ardern earlier this month asking if he could meet with her when she visits Nauru.

He was told by her office that would not be possible as she will be focussed on the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders’ meeting.

But with mounting calls for New Zealand to take the children from the detention centres and a change in tune in Australian politics – there seems to be more equivocal language from Ms Ardern.

“I’m currently still working though my programme when I’m on Nauru, I will have a very short time, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will have a slightly longer time, but we are just finalising the details of what my programme there will look like.”? End of quote.

Please don’t tell me that on the basis of one letter from one man detained on Nauru, Ms Ardern is trying to find space in her calendar to meet with him? Her threshold has dropped dramatically. It took 45,000 signatures for her to kill off the oil & gas industry in Taranaki.? ‘Lots’ of letters from school children to get a ban on ‘single use’ plastic bags.

If 45,000 New Zealanders wrote to her and asked her to drop any idea of bringing these detainees to New Zealand, and to stop badgering our closest neighbour to allow us to take them against their express wishes, would she find time in her calendar to meet with us ?? I very much doubt it.

Credit: Refugee Action Coalition

Where is all this ‘pressure’ coming from anyway?

Helen Clark has been agitating to bring the refugees to New Zealand.? Here?s a few of her tweets.


Helen Clark is of course, entitled to her opinion, but as a former Prime Minister, she has a higher profile and her opinion is more widely seen than most.

But she has no mandate. The last time she stood for election in 2008, the Labour party, led by her was ousted.? Yet 10 years on from that, without being an elected Member of Parliament herself, she seems to think it’s okay to meddle in New Zealand and Australian politics.?

Let’s hope #Australia gives her annoying tweets the treatment they deserve and ignores them completely.

It’s clear that Australia does not want these people in their country.? It is their right to protect their borders.? We should be supporting them to do this.? That’s what a good neighbour would do.

Australia knows that any detainees that arrive in New Zealand have a backdoor entry to Australia.

If Ms Ardern does not stop this stupid bullying behaviour and doesn’t tell Helen Clark to stop meddling, New Zealand may well find the door shut on allowing us the free access we currently enjoy to Australia.

That would hurt New Zealand way more than it would Australia.

So stop with the bullying and keep your nose out of Australian’s decisions.