A solution without a problem: A case study

They have just one decision to make, but two choices; so Greater Wellington Regional Council stepped in to allay the dilemma facing commuters. GWRC is riddled with greenies and socialists.

To understand the socialist solution we must first try to understand, if at all possible, how socialists think. At its core socialism is arrogant condescension:

They: are extremely clever, and must make all decisions, for our own good.

We: are extremely stupid, and cannot decide, so must have our betters think for us.? ?

Those dual points saturate their thinking, they are drenched in it. So it comes as no surprise that the new public transport arrangements in Wellington are a cluster-custard, a m?lange of refined left-think arrogance and incompetence, now being defended in the usual socialist way; with pomposity, and blame-shifting.

Nowhere has this we-know-better attitude been more clearly displayed than in the satellite suburb of Broadmeadows, served by just two bus routes; one of which proceeds westerly from Johnsonville to Karori, the other east, to the city and on to Miramar. On determining potentially egregious confusion reigned in commuters minds when faced with the two very simple route options our central planners opted to reduce the possibility for embarrassment and inconvenience caused by boarding the wrong bus with a witheringly genius, although extremely expensive, solution.

The existing method for reducing uncertainty as to the particular vehicle?s circuit is to display the route number and ?destination very visibly on the pointy part of the bus, the bit that comes toward commuters, also known as the front. Although that system is currently in place, and appears to work well, in fact has never failed, it represents the past, the very type of thinking that has seen the downfall of several civilisations, the cold, hard, pragmatism of ugly utilitarianism and its cronies; fascism and nazism. It’s a matter of fact that both Mussolini and Hitler were praised for having mass-transport sorted and running on time as their first publicly recognisable achievements.? Such a simple signage system, such repugnant, backward, ultra-orthodoxy threatened to collapse the complex and caring socialist eco-system, and simply would not do in this glorious post-modern age.

Socialism’s solution has been to dictate the two bus services will henceforward run in opposing directions about Broadmeadows in order ?to avoid confusion?; westward buses, they tell us, now run ‘clockwise’ around the suburb, eastern ‘anti-clockwise’. Only a nazi would point out that rotational orientation is perceived by position, and that, regardless of what side of the road you’re standing on, the bus you need to catch will always run anti-clockwise, proceeding leftwards from start, unless the Greater Wellington Regional Council intends that half the buses will travel backwards, reversing through the hills and dales of Broadmeadows, but given their thinking thus far: don’t rule it out.

The solution to this wholly-imagined problem has required duplication of all Broadmeadows bus-stops, both cluttering the previously bus-stop bereft side of her streets and coming with a hefty price-tag; would you believe $70,000 of rate-payers money wasted? Yep, seventy grand, but that’s not for all six of the stops, that’s for just one of them, justified when explained by a helpful GWRC spokes-person because “The sum arises from the amount of work required, which was well beyond the establishment of a regular stop.” The stop in question required a concrete slab and path, a bus sign, pole, and adjustments to a 75cm-high wooden post-and-rail fence, with zero shelter or seating incorporated. Jesus wept for rate-payer?s cash.

This great victory of innovation by the utopians, this great leap forward, they assure us, “was to increase legibility and reduce confusion – especially on day one”, and here was me thinking legibility meant displaying the quality of readability, of clearly distinguishing individual words, which the GWRC clearly believe illiterates of Broadmeadows cannot be trusted to interpret because if they were able to read there would then be no justification whatsoever for the ‘improvements’ carried out.

The other rationale for the change; that of ‘efficiency’, is couched in the most beautiful socialist gobbledygook and unfathomable, incomprehensible, doublespeak that I cannot resist repeating it: “having buses go separate ways would stop people getting on the wrong bus and eliminate drivers not stopping for passengers with no intention to ride.” Work that one out; if you can.

Socialism: solutions without problems imposed by fools without reason.