‘A tribe there that just aren’t pleased to see you in government’

John Campbell

Last night you-beaut, legend-in-his-own-mind, the master interviewer, the master of the English language, interviewed prime mum-minister alluding to the hard questions and answering them himself so she didn’t have to (isn’t that condescending, another consequence of the patriarchal hegemony I suppose; the chivalrous class-war hero unable to help himself but lay down his cloak, covering the pile of steaming discontent that she might not step in it, that her eyes may not be drawn to it, nor words of the mess be forced to pass her lips).

In his own impeccable tongue: (at 6.10): “Fir, fir, first of all; people are saying business confidence is at its lowest level, in the survey, since the GFC, so, so, th’, so there’s a tribe there that just aren’t pleased to see you in government […]”

Yes; John, it’s ‘cos tribal. Very well answered. Congratulations to you.

Nothing at all to do with…

  • enhancing the power of unions
  • strikes
  • work-place disruptions
  • forcing employers to be responsible financially for domestic violence
  • higher taxes, talk of even higher taxes (you don’t reckon the ‘working-group’ are going to recommend reducing taxes or restricting spending; do you?)
  • ignoring the economic benefits of the energy industry by simply shutting it down
  • seeding state entities in competition with private providers using taxpayer money
  • refusing to demand transparency
  • fueling inflation with salary increases not indexed to productivity
  • threatening the agricultural industry, the largest in the country (responsible for well over 60% of foreign earnings), with more regulation and the prospect of increased costs
  • burdening the country with more sacrifices in the name of global-warming…

all the while needlessly increasing government debt, this inflicted on the country by a coterie of business-bereft numbskulls who cannot separate ideology from the opportunity to get their hands on as much of other-peoples cash as they can in order to sprinkle it like glitter on the turd that is their cynical vote-catching ‘helping the worse-off’ philosophical fraud.

Good on ya’ Johnny-boy; just another snooty socialist. Wouldn’t want a whiff of business, or the ‘tribe there that just aren’t pleased to see you in government’ tainting your essence of condescension, would you?

Riddle me this; John. How many builders do you, alone, burden the back of; claiming one-third of their income as your own, before they’re free to release the rest of their earnings to their families, their mortgages, their own children, or to pay for their ute?s and tools and materials. How many business tribes-people, the good women and men of the trades and hospitality and farming industry, the shops and services and transport industries does it take just to pay your single socialist salary; John? 20, maybe 30, perhaps 50?

In the end, the answer doesn?t really matter, does it John? After all, you’re so special, so very special you deserve it, and they, well they’re just the tribe that needs to sustain you in your own magnificence, and their concerns, their material concern that the fools presently in power could seriously disrupt the economy and their own business? Forget about them; they?re merely ?the tribe there that just aren’t pleased to see you in government.?