Ahh, Patrick? Yes you were wrecked in that interview

In a classic case of explaining is losing, Patrick Gower attempts to weasel his way out of one of the more inept interviews I have ever seen: Quote:

So Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux reckon they “destroyed” me.

Apparently, Southern “left me speechless”, “rekt” me and rendered me “basically a broken man”, according to their promoter, Caolan Robertson.

Trust me – I am not broken. And I am far from wrecked.

But, yes, I will admit I was left speechless by Southern.

When I asked her if New Zealand’s diversity made it a weak country, she responded by asking me if I would “accept the diverse view that women should be stoned for the crime of being raped”.

This is an absurd response. At the time, I was actually struggling to comprehend it. So yes, I was speechless – for around three-and-a-half seconds, as the video shows (although it felt longer when it happened as I struggled to decipher what she was saying).?End quote.

Patrick Gower struggled to decipher what she had to say because he is retarded. It is obvious what she was saying. By accepting free for all multi-culturalism you are accepting believers of Islam, where their so-called holy book tells them to stone women who complain of being raped. It’s easy to understand if you bother to educate one’s self. Clearly Patrick Gower has been educated by reading colouring books and Twitter.?Quote:

Because when I talk about “diversity”, I am talking about New Zealand as a melting pot.

To me, “diversity” means a country built by explorers, by people who come here from every corner of the world to make a life for themselves. It means accepting the cultures of others and growing that acceptance through common decency.

To me the concept of “diversity” does not mean accepting the worst of the world’s extremes. It means making the best of everything in between.

So I was quite taken aback by Southern’s response – which of course was designed to shock. There is nothing clever about this “tactic”, it’s actually pretty juvenile.?End quote.

Just because Patrick Gower has no real concept of the etymology of words and just makes up his own definitions for words does not mean that is the actual definition of the words. If he truly believes in diversity then he should allow the diverse views of others. Instead, he sides with silencing people for their views. For someone who abused someone else on camera in a library to be lecturing about something being juvenile is hilarious.?Quote:

Molyneux’s complaint is that I “shut him down” – and I happily admit that too. He went off on a rant, a self-serving monologue with no relevance to the question.

The only reason I did that was because he was deliberately hijacking things, and I was thinking of the audience – there’s no conspiracy in that. He had a fair chance to answer the simple question concisely, but he launched into a lengthy lecture instead. I felt he was being disrespectful to the audience, and moved him on.

I am also more than happy to admit that Southern and Molyneux got on top of me. So what? They do that for a living, it’s their job.?End quote.

What a lie. Patrick Gower asked a question and didn’t even allow Stefan Molyneux to answer it, and declared it was a rant.??Quote:

I hadn’t spent much time preparing, I hadn’t read their stuff thoroughly and I am happy to admit I don’t spend any time thinking about whether different races have different IQs and the like. I was not ready for their intellectual nit-picking – and I never will be. It’s not the way I roll.?End quote.

And that’s why Patrick Gower failed so utterly. It might be how he rolls, but he was up against intelligent and capable people in command of facts. What. A. Dickhead.?Quote:

I never thought they should have been blocked from speaking, I think censorship is a last resort.?End quote.

And yet Patrick Gower censored their views, by calling it a “rant”.?Quote:

And this was not a debate where I was out to ‘win’ or ‘lose’. I was not debating them, I was interviewing them.

The reason for their interview was because their event had been shut down – that is a news story and I am a journalist. We extended Southern and Molyneux the courtesy of an interview about that. But they chose to take that courtesy and twist it.

From the moment they arrived at Newshub, I had a feeling what was coming. They just had a very confrontational vibe, which was a bit scary – it is not the Kiwi way.?End quote.

Except Patrick Gower’s own schitick is to be combative and confrontational, it is why he was despised when in the parliamentary press gallery.?Quote:

They weren’t very interested in being interviewed by me and they did not debate me – they went after me in a machine-gun speed verbal attack. I found their way of doing that at times absurd and disrespectful.

That’s my opinion – and they do believe in free speech, don’t they? End quote.

But Patrick Gower doesn’t believe in free speech, he shuts down views by calling them rants.

Patrick Gower needs to understand that he was destroyed, and the fact he is whinging about it shows he was wrecked.