Alex Jones’ statement on being deplatformed

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There has been what appears to be a coordinated take down of the Infowars site run by Alex Jones by YouTube, Apple and Facebook.? I personally take a lot of stuff he says with a pinch of salt.? I don?t live in the US, so don?t know enough to make a call on some things, but he has Roger Stone as a contributor, and has had Milo Yiannopolous as a host.? If you listen to him, he doesn?t spout hatred or incite violence, so it is concerning that such powerful companies such as Facebook and Google are so brittle.? Further, this is definitely the tip of the slippery slope, it is very fair to ask ?who?s next??
The other option is the government deciding this sort of thing, but no one should want that, which is why Infowars should not be de-platformed.