Whaleoil number three on naughty list

A dedicated Muslim dude on Facebook has been working away compiling a list of websites that he wants blocked from Pakistan and ultimately from Google. It is a clear example of how his ideology does not support freedom of speech or freedom of religion or even a sense of humour as he wants to silence anyone who makes fun of Islam.?quote.

From few days, I am googling/researching against the un-ethical images of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) on Goolge. During my querying, I have found many images and tracked all the websites who are sharing and making fun of the my religion Islam.

Each and Every Website against the Islam will be listed and will be sent to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (P.T.A) and National Response Center For Cyber Crime/F.I.A (N.R.3.C) for the complete blockage not only in the Pakistan but also to block it Google.

It is the responsibility of the state Islamic Republic of Pakistan (Ministry of the Information Technology),Federal Investigation Authority(F.I.A) as well as all of the I.T experts to united against theses Websites to block it over the Internet.

Being a Muslim(Sinful) and I,T official, It should be a little efforts fot my religion Islam and Holy Prophet (S.A.W).End of quote.

He then helpfully provides a list of all the websites that he has found that dare to make fun of an ideology that is intolerant of democracy, equality, free speech, freedom of religion, women’s rights, gay rights and children’s rights.

I was thrilled to see that Whaleoil made it to number three on the naughty list. Finally, we have achieved fame in Pakistan! I wonder if we will now get a surge in traffic from Pakistan because this would be Sharia enforcer has told them what they are not allowed to read but has helpfully provided them with a link to make it easy to visit us.

I agree with the Editor-in-Chief of Charlie Hebdo, Gerard Biard who said that the magazine?s publication of controversial images is a defence of both freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Free speech must always include the freedom to upset or offend. As long as our speech is legal then it should not be censored or silenced.

?Every time that we draw a cartoon of Muhammad, every time that we draw a cartoon of a prophet, every time that we draw a cartoon of God, we defend the freedom of religion […]

It would be a shame if something were to happen to this list so that it was shared widely on social media.

List of Websites: ( helpfully provided by the Muslim man I will call Sharia Sam)

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*Research credit: Sally