And now they’re coming for your speed limits

This man really wants you to slow down to 30!? ? ? ? ? ? ?

A few weeks ago I did a post on what the Vision Zero ideology might mean to the motoring public here in little-ole-NZ. In that article, I mused that crazy speed limit reductions were on the horizon. Quote.

What the hardcore Vision Zeroists want, is a maximum speed limit of 30km/h?anywhere?that you might come across a pedestrian. That?s pretty much every single suburban road. A 50km/h limit on every road, (that?s not infected with pedestrians or cyclists), that has a side road or driveways off it, and a max speed limit of 70km/h?anywhere?that you could hit something head on! End quote.

Well, it’s only taken six weeks for my prediction to come true.

Auckland Transport has just proposed a new bylaw to slash speed limits on some Auckland roads with the aim of?protecting the city’s cyclists and pedestrians.

According to a recent article??AT have decided that because those poor lycra clad warriors and power walkers keep killing themselves by getting in our way on the roads, we fossil fuel burners in our terrible, dangerous, smelly cars and trucks, will have to be kneecapped and brought into line.

So what do AT have to say on the matter? Quote.

The majority of Auckland road deaths and serious injuries occur on 50kmh urban roads, and involve?pedestrians and cyclists, according to Auckland Transport (AT). End quote.

Really? The majority? Like, do you mean over 50%?

Well not according to the Ministry of Transport. They have it currently running at around 36%.

If it’s this dangerous to cycle or walk, why do people take the risk?

36%! Compared to how many motorised vehicles are on the roads, the death rate for cyclists and pedestrians is ridiculous. Broken down though, we are looking at about 7% for cyclists and 29% for pedestrians.

Clearly, we need to be banning cycling and walking. Particularly those evil pedestrians. You must all stop walking and riding your bikes immediately, think of the poor families left behind.

Or maybe we just need to have these attractive bumpers put on every car so the silly pedestrian can be easily scooped up and deposited out of harm’s way.

Walking can be dangerous if you want to do it on the roads.

So AT is currently identifying roads subject to the Speed Limit Bylaw, which will reduce the speed limits on local roads deemed to be high-risk.

A bit like a similar survey in the Queenstown Lakes area that still shows one of the worst intersections for crashes as one that was completely fixed a few years ago by stopping people from turning right into it. Now the only crashes that happen near that intersection are nose to tails as a result of people jamming up at the intersections either side of it!

But what about consultation on this silly idea of 30km/h limits for all? Quote.

The Speed Limit Bylaw will be consulted on Auckland-wide and once the bylaw has been approved by AT’s board, the speed limits become legally enforceable. End quote.

So all you Auckland types, make sure that you have your say when you are consulted. Although by the wording above, it seems that it won’t matter what you have to say, “once the bylaw has been approved” kind of suggests that it is a fait accompli.

As I said in my Vision Zero post, we need to target sensible options and silly speed limits are not one of them. They will be roundly ignored, and will quite possibly make the problem worse.

So I will leave the last word to one of the commenters on the above-mentioned Stuff article.

If cyclists adhered to the road rules and pedestrians spent less time looking at their phones and listening to headphones whilst crossing the road?deaths and serious injuries would be greatly reduced! Its about time people started taking responsibility for their own safety instead of always blaming someone else! end quote.