And so it begins…

You may remember that, a few days ago, we suggested that, seeing that plastic bags have been banned by most supermarkets,? you may want to consider using the green supermarket baskets to transport your purchases to the car. After all, what is greener than that – no plastic bag at all?

Well, you listened. And acted accordingly. And now we are starting to see the pushback to the ridiculous ban on plastic bags.

And it makes us proud.

But this is not just a one-off. Take a look at this particular Whaleoil reader. He’s obviously a true believer.

And look at that! They fit very snugly into the boot of your car. Keeps your food items separate from everything else in your boot. Almost as good as a plastic bag. Absolutely fantastic recycling. Take it home, and then bring it back next time you need to go to the supermarket.

I can see they will become very handy beer crates in the future.

And we may see piles of green baskets out in the community because…. well, people use beer crates for all sorts of things!

These baskets will become the beer crates of the future as they pile up inside people’s homes and garages. Cluttering up back lawns and finding alternate uses for them. They will be used for pot plant holders and University shelving. People will chuck car parts in them and make kitty litter boxes out of them. They will be used to take the scraps to the chooks……well….. they’ll be used for everything plastic bags used to do AND MORE! This is called The Law Of Unintended Consequences.

Well, there you go.

Or alternatively, do the right thing. Put them in the trolley park. Treat them? responsibly, as we would expect from all Whaleoil readers.

It seems a few of you have already had the same idea. Looks like the supermarkets are now going to have to provide special areas to return their baskets. But that should present no problem. Just a minor adjustment to the existing trolley parks. All of them.

So there you have it. Either pop one in the boot and take it home, bring it back and reuse it, and when it gets a bit manky, just swap it for another one at the supermarket! Or just drop it in the trolley park, as before.

I never realised what masters of recycling that supermarkets really are. They must be very dedicated to saving all those turtles.

But I am not sure they actually planned for a system of issuing and returning green baskets. They need to set of some sort of library system, to log them in and out. I’m sure it can be done. They will need a special checkout, of course, and a tagging system of some sort.

But hey! Green is good! Said Gordon Gecko (slightly modified).

Seriously though…

People hate being told what to do for no apparently good reason. I remember going out and deliberately buying a stock of tungsten light bulbs because I was so angered that Helen Clark should decide what light bulbs we should be allowed to use. Even though I had been slowly replacing mine with energy saver light bulbs up until then.

So the pushback has begun. Good on you, Whaleoil readers.

And remember. Keep it Green.