Andrew Little, would you like this man living next door to your Mum?

Credit: Warwick Smith/Stuff

This story from Stuff is horrifying and I struggled to get through it.? I have the deepest respect for this woman, that she survived and was able to tell her story. Quote:

As she lay in bed, a 71-year-old woman thought a semblance of normality was returning to her life.

It had been three months since Kally Joseph Taylor had grabbed her in her yard, held a knife to her face, tied her up with her own scarfs,?indecently assaulted her and stolen her possessions.

She had paid someone to repaint parts of her house, in an effort to make it feel like she was having a fresh start.

But she woke in the middle of the night to find Taylor at the foot of her bed.

He uttered one phrase before he raped and robbed her:?”I told you I would come back.”[?]? End of quote.

I don’t have the heart to repeat the stomach turning descriptions of what he did to her, you can read the link if you want to know more.? It can be summed up by one sentence from her Victim impact statement.? Quote:

[…] She asked?Taylor to kill her during the rape as she was so exhausted, and just wanted to die.End of quote.

At least the judge was able to recognise pond scum.? Quote:

Taylor, 39, was sentenced in the High Court at Palmerston North on Thursday to preventive detention for his offending against the woman.

Justice David Collins said he had to give Taylor the open-ended prison sentence, with a minimum term of 10 years’ jail, to protect the community.

“I believe you pose a serious risk to vulnerable elderly women,” he told Taylor.

“This ensures no other women can be subjected to your violent attacks.”[?]

[?]The judge said Taylor had a history of breaking into homes, often targeting elderly women.

He also had convictions for masturbating in public and indecent assault, one of which gave him a first strike for violent offending.

That meant if he was given a finite sentence on Thursday, he would have served it without parole.

But preventive detention ensured he would not be released until deemed safe for the community, the judge said.? End? of quote.

There has been a lot of talk about cycles of family violence and poverty and lack of education.? They are all contributing factors, and I think we should be doing whatever we can to address those things with a view to stopping criminal behaviour.

But tell me honestly, Andrew Little, do you think this man can be rehabilitated?? Would you be happy if he moved in next door to your elderly mother?