Another armed robbery caused by increased tobacco taxes

Ever since the government ramped up tobacco taxes armed robberies of dairies and service stations have been on the rise: Quote:

A lone worker was held at gunpoint while robbers raided a Waikato dairy for cigarettes on Tuesday evening.

Police attended the robbery at Horotiu Foodcentre, on State Highway 1 between Hamilton and Ng?ruaw?hia, around 5pm.

The owner of the store, who didn’t wish to be named, said his brother had been working in the store alone when two masked robbers showed up demanding cigarettes.

It all happened in about a minute, the owner said.

?He said one of the robbers held a gun to?his brother while another?stuffed a bag with an unknown number of cigarettes before fleeing by car.

No-one was hurt in the incident. End quote.

Not hurt? Oh no, because no one is injured in an armed robbery. That poor worker, a victim of an uncaring government policy is now probably too frightened to even go to work.

You have a problem when an ounce of tobacco costs more than an ounce of weed.