Another day, another OUTRAGE

Caption: Just what does the un-person between Hijab Barbie and Retro 80s Guy actually believe? You’ll just have to take the left’s word for it. Digital Image: Lushington Brady

If outrage were an energy source, social media leftists would solve humanity?s energy problems for all eternity.

C. S. Lewis once wrote of an apocryphal schoolboy who is said to have described God as ?the sort of person who is always snooping round to see if anyone is enjoying himself and then trying to stop it”. The social media left seem to similarly obsessed with sniffing out and trying to bury differing opinions. Inquisitors to their very core, they erupt in screaming outrage at the merest suggestion of heresy.

A day without outrage, for the left, is apparently a day wasted. Sky News recently helpfully served them their daily helping of umbrage. Twitter lit up like a bile-coloured Christmas tree, and virtues were signalled with frantic haste.

The trigger (and, oh boy, triggered they were)? for this episode of the Two Minutes of Hate was the decision of Sky News to interview nationalist activist Blair Cottrell on its Sunday night show.

Now, Cottrell is certainly an, ahem, provocative figure, to say the least.?The left call him a Nazi, but then, they call everyone Nazis, so frankly it?s impossible to decide whether to believe them or not. When swivel-eyed social media mongs are screaming about Nazi wolves every minute of the day, pretty soon sensible people just stop listening. It?s apparently never occurred to pea-brained leftists that beating that particular horse to a bloody pulp was just counter-productive.

In fact, Cottrell outright denies being a Nazi. Although that begs the question of why he opined that Hitler?s photo should be in every classroom? He also has a habit of saying pretty disturbing things about Jews, although much of his stuff is almost tame compared to the spittle-flecked hatred spewed from the minbars of the mosques every day. Indeed, Cottrell could easily be a fellow-traveller of the Corbynite left.

Cottrell has also said some pretty sketchy stuff about women. But, again, see above.

Anyway, the OUTRAGE! mongers were beside themselves with righteous fury. And, as always, the reactions ranged from inane virtue-signalling to abject cowardliness.

Typical of the virtue-signallers was long-forgotten Labor Skyhooks impersonator and Julia Gillard’s former boy-toy, Craig Emerson. Emerson tweeted that:

I have advised @SkyNewsAust that I have quit as a Sky commentator. My father fought Nazis in WWII and was interred in a German POW camp. end quote.

Aside from the unintentional comedy of a supposed interlekshul (he makes a point of putting “Dr” in his username, after all) not knowing the difference between ?interned? and ?interred?, Emerson?s virtue-signalling brought a new low of hypocrisy to its sordid genre. The ABC also provided a platform for Cottrell two years ago. Emerson has been a frequent guest and panelist on the ABC many times since.

Like the rest of the marching morons of the Twitter left, Emerson is extremely selective in his outbursts of high dudgeon.

Indeed, just to prove that there’s no show without Punch, low-rent-a-crowd GetUp! chirped that, “Engaging in any discussion with a neo-Nazi only normalises their violence”. This is the same GetUp! who were campaigning for people to vote for a literal neo-Nazi in the Longman by-election last weekend.

Worse than the sordid hypocrisy of the left, though, was the craven capitulation from Sky itself. Quote.

It was wrong to have Blair Cottrell on Sky News Australia. His views do not reflect ours. The interview has been removed from repeat timeslots and online platforms. End quote.

This is stupid and gutless on more levels than could be thought possible.

From J. S. Mill to Christopher Hitchens, free speech advocates have been absolutely clear that there is no excuse to silence even the most odious views. As Mill wrote, there is always the possibility that even the worst person may be right about something. Even when they are not, encountering wrongheaded ideas is always instructive regarding views we take to be right. Sunlight, as the saying goes, is the best antiseptic.

The idea, as well, that the views of any guest on a network must ipso facto reflect the views of that network is just bizarre. Indeed, to extend that logic, the ABC has offered platforms to, not just alleged Nazis like Cottrell, but also to Islamic terrorists, paedophiles, and communists. Apparently the ABC holds some pretty alarming views.

Blair Cottrell seems to hold some pretty odious views. He may or may not be a neo-Nazi. But how can I or anyone else ever make that judgement if Cottrell is summarily un-personed and consigned to the Memory Hole?

It was widely reported that sales of 1984 skyrocketed after the Trump election. It seems the left mistook it for an instruction manual.