Another lefty whinge shot down by facts

Caption: At last we have achieved equality, comrades! No-one has anything!

It often seems as though the modern left lives in a fact-free zone where feelings effortlessly trump objectivity. How else to explain their rusted-on commitment to socialism despite its unbroken record of failure? Or their endlessly parroted affirmations that Islam is an oasis of peace and women?s rights?

Another leftist dogma is that capitalism ?has failed?, and that economic inequality is rampant and unstoppable unless we create a socialist utopia. So firmly fixed is this belief among the left, that Australian Labor have made it their central campaign theme.

Except? Quote:

Productivity Commission chairman Peter Harris said 27 years of economic growth had led to ?significantly improved living standards? for people at every income level, while the nation?s ?highly targeted? welfare system had reduced inequality ? as typically defined ? by 30 per cent.

Despite Labor claims of ??accelerating inequality? and an economic system that is ?entrenching unfairness?, Mr Harris said: ?The benefits of income growth since the last recession in 1990 have been fairly evenly shared across every income ?decile in Australia ? and the bottom ?decile, those with least income, have done as well, if not slightly better, than most.? End of quote.

Boom! As Richard Feynman would say: another beautiful theory shot down by an ugly fact.

But even the Productivity Commission realises the resistance to facts that don?t fit a narrative. Quote:

?This will be instantly rejected by some, since it is not the popular perception, but it the unquestionable fact and we are clearly not the same as the UK or the US,? he said in a slapdown to Labor and Greens claims that inequality is creeping higher. ?Incomes grew steadily during the 1990s, rose sharply during the mining boom of the mid-2000s and have flattened since the global financial crisis,? the study found. End of quote.

Like this: Quote:

Shorten, at last year?s conference, said ?tackling inequality is a defining mission for a Shorten Labor government ? The system as it stands is accelerating inequality rather that addressing it.

?It is entrenching unfairness, rather than alleviating it.?

Labor Treasury spokesman Chris Bowen said: ?The facts and challenges are clear. Income inequality ? is at a 75-year high.? End of quote.

Labor have painted themselves into a corner, endlessly whining about ?fairness? (without ever defining what ?fair? actually is) and ?inequality?. Misery-guts union boss, Sally McManus, has endlessly banged on the same drum. If they were forced to admit that they were just, well, completely wrong and that most of us were actually better off, their whole platform would collapse under their feet. Quote:

?The perception is of the glass half-empty, but the most accurate picture that can be drawn suggest each generation is still better than its predecessor,? the report says. End of quote.

Well, that?s no good. Who?s going to want to throw away the benefits of capitalism in return for becoming another socialist hell-hole, if they actually realise they?re doing okay under capitalism.

So, expect a lot of babbling about ?hegemony?, and a blunt refusal to acknowledge facts. After all, who needs facts when the theory is so beautiful?