Another terror attack in London but it wasn’t the terrorist’s fault

A logical person would blame the Muslim?perpetrator of terror for the consequences of his murderous?and ideology fueled actions but these days logic is in scarce supply.

The initial reports of the latest terror attack in London by the media illustrates?just how far down the denial rabbit hole they have already gone.

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When a car is deliberately driven into cyclists by a Muslim immigrant in an area when terror attacks using cars or trucks is so common that special protective barriers have been built by authorities to try to protect the public, then the above headline from the Daily Mirror where he is referred to as a “man” and the terror attack a “car incident” is deliberately deceptive.

Responsible media would call it what it clearly is and should pop in the word ‘allegedly’ or the phrase ‘it appears’ in the headline just in case it turns out that it was a white fundamentalist Christian who accidentally mounted the pavement because he spilt hot coffee in his lap.

The recent history of the area where the “car incident” happened should set off alarm bells immediately in the mind of any logical individual.

Source: Daily Mirror

Yet again Muslim Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has been proven right. He has stated that terrifying Islamic terror attacks?are all part and parcel of life in a big city. What he hasn’t admitted of course is why that is the case in certain cities but not in others.

Even if the public did ask that question and find that they did?not like the answer it wouldn’t stop the ludicrous belief held by many that when Muslim terrorists attack Londoners it is not actually the terrorists fault. This is a narrative fed to the public to make sure that they focus their anger on? truth tellers rather than the perpetrators and the ideology that incited them.

Instead of looking at the ideology that incited the terrorist’s violence they actually believe that the terrorists were incited by non-Muslims who said things that hurt their feelings.

Here are just a couple of examples.

Pierre Fernando blames Boris Johnson for making a joke about the Burka making women look like a postbox!


CAUTION the below joke may cause Muslim Sudanese immigrants to run down cyclists.

Reactions like the two examples above show that people are SCARED of offending Muslims.

They actually think that if they submit to hate speech laws, blasphemy laws and other free speech quashing laws that they will be safer.

They won’t.

Jihad comes in many forms. Making the non-Muslim population scared of Muslim terror attacks helps the other forms of Jihad to progress because a cowed population is keen to appease in the hope that the crocodile will eat them last.