Another terror trial: Conspicuously not ‘right-wing’

Caption: The Three Stooges of Terror: Larry, Curly, and Mo-hammad. Picture: Jeff Hayes.

George Orwell once wrote that, ?one has to belong to the ?intelligentsia?? to believe certain obvious lies. ?No ordinary man could be such a fool.? The same state authorities and media-cultural elite who airily claim that Melbourne doesn?t have a problem with African crime, even as African gangs beat, rob and riot their way through suburbs like Tarneit, also try to bamboozle us that ?right wing extremism? is a greater threat than Muslim terror.

Apparently, yet another jihadi cell (alleged) didn?t get the memo. Quote:

Alleged jihadists plotted to inflict maximum casualties, court told.

Their inspiration was extremist Islam and their alleged mission was violent jihad, inflicting maximum casualties with a terror ?attack in the heart of Melbourne at Christmas time, dying as martyrs and ascending to paradise, a court has heard.

Three Melbourne men, Ahmed Mohamed, 25, Abdullah Chaarani, 27, and Hamza Abbas, 23, went on trial in the Victorian Supreme Court yesterday, charged over an alleged terror plot that police claim was thwarted at the last minute, arresting them just days before their planned strike and seizing bomb making equipment and ingredients.

Prosecutor Nick Papas QC said their violent mission was to be unleashed in Melbourne at Christmas 2016, seeking to inflict maximum casualties on ?disbelievers? around Flinders Street Station, Federation Square and St Paul?s Cathedral. End of quote.

Yeah, but some white bloke with suspiciously short hair and a Celtic cross tattoo got a bit shouty at some Muslims, once. There?s the real problem. Quote:

Mr Papas said the alleged conspirators were driven by a ?religious ideology ?to wage violent jihad against those they believed to be disbelievers?, known as ?kafirs?.

He told the court police had found a stockpile of components for improvised explosive devices including, pipes, 800 ground-up match-heads, wires and batteries.

He said two of the men had viewed online instructions to make bombs, and the group had purchased pipes from Bunnings in Broadmeadows, two machetes, hydrogen peroxide from the Chemist Warehouse and lightglobes for their alleged devices.

Mr Chaarani had attempted to get a gun licence, the court heard. End of quote.

Australian authorities have also had a curious fixation on stopping wannabe jihadis from buggering off and usefully getting themselves on the wrong end of a Hellfire missile in Syria. Quote:

Mr Papas told the court both Mr Mohamed and Mr Chaarani had attempted to travel to Malaysia in 2015 but were stopped at the airport by Australian Border Force officials and later had their passports cancelled?Mr Papas said a cousin of Mr Abbas went to Kuala Lumpur and is believed to have ?died in the cause?. ?At least one (of the accused) described in glowing terms how he died,? Mr Papas said. ?Martyrdom under this ideological state of mind is a passage to paradise.”

He said Mr Chaarani discussed the man who died in March 2016 with a friend. ?Inshallah we will follow him on the same path,? he allegedly said. End of quote.

On that, at least, we can agree. Sod off and earn yourself a 50 cal ticket to your 72 virgins, instead of hanging around Centrelink and hatching plots to murder Australians.

The media elite and civil authorities can lie all they want about the supposedly ?greater threat? of right-wing extremism. Politicians like Anne Aly (who just happens to be a Muslim) can try and pull the wool over our eyes. But, when all but one of the 11 terror incidents in Australia in the last 20 years were perpetrated by Muslims, Australians are going to put one and ten together.

Anne Aly can claim to be an ?anti-terrorism expert? (exactly what her ?anti-terrorism? qualifications are, remains unclear: her qualifications run to English Literature, Acting, Language Studies and Education, rather than, say, International Relations), but ordinary Australians can at least count.

At least another 11 imminent Islamic terrorist attacks have been foiled in just the last few years. So, that?s 23 Islamic terror attacks and foiled attacks in just a decade. How many ?right wing extremists? have been similarly charged?

One. One alleged plot by a right-winger.

This isn’t to say right-wing extremists are nice guys you’d take home to mother. But unlike the more excitable Mahommedans, they are mostly just restricting their hate to saying mean things on social media.

Police, politicians and the mainstream media can try and bamboozle the public all they like, but sooner or later, as the bodies pile up under swivel-eyed, bearded loons screaming ?Allahu ackbar!?, Australians are just going to believe their lyin? eyes.