Another weapon in the war on boys

The misandrist harpies of contemporary feminism inhabit a miserable bubble of delusion and paranoia. These blue-haired landwhales spend every moment away from feeding their multitude of cats making YouTube videos shrieking about how ?the Patriarchy? has turned the whole world agin them. The once-noble cause of the Suffragettes has become a rolling tide of flab, weird smells and intersectional hatred of everyone with a Y-chromosome and a sufficient supply of testosterone.

Fortunately, the ranks of third-wave feminism hasn?t entirely crushed the egalitarian spirit of the original feminists. There are still a few sane feminists out there, even if they are every bit as endangered a species as rational leftists. Feminists like Camille Paglia and Christina Hoff-Sommers are at least prepared to acknowledge that modern feminism doesn?t really want equality at all: it wants to crush, humiliate and emasculate boys. Quote:

An official for a national women?s advocacy group claims that Title IX is used ?almost exclusively as a tool for advancing women?s interests,? rather than for promoting true gender equality. End of quote.

Title IX is the U.S. law that is supposed to protect ?equal opportunity in education?. What it really does, though, is punish boys and promote girls. Quote:

Independent Women?s Forum (IWF) Managing Director Carrie Lukas argues in a recent op-ed for Acculturated that an excessive focus on the areas in which males outperform females has led society to overlook the many areas in which the opposite imbalance holds sway. End of quote.

Feminists gibber and shriek in rage that there aren?t ?enough? female engineers or mathematicians, yet have nothing to say about the dearth of male teachers and nurses or the gender imbalance of sewer workers.

Any area (unless it?s one of those ?icky? areas, like garbage collection) where women are ?under-represented? can have nothing to do with what women, in general, are actually interested in: it must be a wicked patriarchal plot. Quote:

Citing a study featured in Education Week asserting that struggles with calculus cause women to drop out of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields at higher rates than their male peers, Lukas said she finds ?frustrating? the study?s implication that ?systematic sexism? is to blame whenever women lag behind men.

?Yes, there are areas of study in which men outperform women?and this could partially be a result of a failure of educators to optimally engage women?but there are also plenty of disciplines that women dominate and it?s men who are being given the short-shift in terms of educational opportunities and attention,? she points out.

She states that there has been a ?herculean effort? aimed at addressing an engagement deficit with females when it comes to STEM, but claims there has been ?far less consideration? about how to help young males succeed in school.

The deficit is especially notable ?since a failure to obtain functional literacy and other basic skills is a far graver problem for those young men than it is for high-achieving women.? End of quote.

Girls are doing exceptionally well at schools, especially as education has been increasingly feminised, at every level from curricula (for instance, choosing ?girly? texts for English, rather than stories boys are interested in) to staffing (less than one in five teachers are male). The results are showing: girls are significantly outperforming boys. Quote:

Lukas asserts that if the sexes were reversed in this scenario, sexism would be considered responsible. She also questions how much attention and concern would be present if roles were reversed and men represented 60 percent of all undergraduates instead of women. End of quote.

This doesn?t mean that girls need to be somehow dragged down: but the system needs to stop punishing boys for being boys. Our boys and young men are being left behind at every level: from education to employment, even to their very health. Prostate cancer is a far greater problem than breast cancer, but guess which gets all the funding? Young men are far over-representing in mental health and suicide statistics, but find any article on the topic, and you?ll find it headlined with a picture of a sad girl. Feminists obsessively tally female murder victims, even though men are far more likely to be victims of violence. Quote:

?Our goal should really be to help all students?regardless of gender?fulfill their potential?And that means we need to spare a little concern for boys and young men too.? End of quote.

More than a little. The war on boys needs to stop. None of our children should be more equal than others.