Are funding decisions coloured in any way?

Shane Jones is having a hard time spending his $3 billion pot of money on regional growth initiatives. He needs to spend close to $3 million each day to get through his stash.

Seeking to help Jones out, a group has approached him about?setting up a new health food enterprise on the West Coast.

Opposition politicians have gone into meltdown over this with ACT’s Seymour and National’s Goldsmith pouring scorn on the concept.

Interviewed on OneNews,?National’s Economic Development spokesman Paul Goldsmith said it’s not clear to him “how New Zealand benefits from giving money to a closed community” and Seymour said: “It’s outrageous.”

However, there is another pot of money that the Government wants to distribute to a closed community and no one is objecting to this.

The “National Maori Economic Development Strategy” has $1 million to go towards projects that will support whanau, hapu and iwi to meet their aspirations. Proposals for funds need to focus on one or more of the strategy?s focus areas: employment, rangatahi, enterprise, regions and education.??Groups applying to the fund do not have to be Maori but the project does need to have a focus on Maori.

Curious, isn’t it?

Surely the objection to the first application is not just because of who it has been lodged by?

Admittedly, Gloriavale is a tad weird, but they pay their PAYE and GST like the rest of us. Yes, they are a charity, but then so are the big Maori Trusts.

I am struggling to see why giving grants to one closed group is OK but not another closed group.

Minister Jones said that the Government says it will consider Gloriavale’s application in good faith.? /Tui