Are the left bringing back National Socialism in Germany?

Caption: The Socialists are turning Nationalist, but they’re not stocking up on the brown shirts just yet. We hope

The left would rather die than admit it, but the Nazis were indeed a subset of socialism. Of course they hated bolsheviks and ordinary socialists, but Stalinists hated Trotskyites, and both were still communists. The big difference is that the Nazis were, as their name said, nationalist socialists rather than international socialists.

So, is it an ominous development that one of the largest and furthest-left socialist parties in Germany is turning nationalist? Quote:

A German leftist movement has turned against the country’s open border policies, with its leader declaring that welfare should be given to the poor instead of newly-arrived migrants.

A faction of the German Die Linke (“The Left”) Party is launching the Aufstehen (“Stand up”) movement to put pressure on other leftist groups to adopt tougher migration policies. End of quote.

I jest, of course. German socialists turning against open borders hardly means that it?s time for Karstadt to stock up on brown shirts. This is just a pragmatic move by a party that has belatedly realised just what a disaster open borders really are. Quote:

The movement is led by politician Sahra Wagenknecht, who believes German leftists are losing because public opinion is turning against open borders.

“A border open to all is naive. This is not an especially leftist policy,” she insists. End of quote.

Even more significantly, a left-wing party is finally cottoning on that open borders are catastrophic for the very working-classes whom socialists profess to stand for. Quote:

The billions spent by the government to welcome asylum seekers in 2015 “could have helped many more needy people in Germany,” she said.

“More economic migrants mean more competition for jobs in the low wage sector. The number of social housing is also not unlimited,” she added. End of quote.

Still, this seems to be driven more by hard-headed politics than any high-minded sentiment. Quote:

Presumably Wagenknecht and her supporters feel that the only way for them to stop right-leaning politicians is to take away their political monopoly on stronger border enforcement, which is resonating with the general electorate. End of quote.

The left in Germany is on the slide, mainly due to being associated with Merkel?s ?grand coalition?. The dominant left-wing party, the Social Democrats, lost 40 seats at the last election. Like everywhere else, the electorate are deserting the political establishment. Immigration is one of the hottest issues in the anti-establishment turn, but as in Trump election, floundering economic opportunities for the working-classes are high on the agenda, too.

But, hey: a German socialist party turning nationalist, and turning against foreigners while championing the volk. What could possibly go wrong?

Just kidding. I hope.