Are they really Progressives?

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Leighton Smith

Why did the owner of the Powerstation, having agreed to hire?the venue out, suddenly change his or her mind and by reports get very excited and exasperated about it?

“Don’t come here or I will have you arrested”, are the words I read.

Could it be because of a small number of zealous social justice advocates who are bullying the silent majority?

The Prime Minister is taking the same attitude. She says that most New Zealanders would be thrilled?with the cancellation and the banning.

Why would a progressive, as in the prime?minister, why would she say that most New Zealanders would feel this way?

Why would she, the progressive prime minister, be so opposed to people airing their opinions?

I will give you two reasons. Both are correct.

Reason one is because they are not progressives but they are the opposite.

And reason two is that she doesn’t have a clue, just like any of the people who are taking the anti-Canadian stance.

All they know is the headlines they have read and the fake news headlines they have read.

All they know is what they have heard somebody else?say.

-Leighton Smith