Are you proud of this, Prime Minister?

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

The visit to New Zealand by Canadian speakers Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux has caused significant debate in our small country.? They have been accused of hate speech.

Our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern said on Saturday ‘I think you’ll see from the reaction they’ve had from New Zealanders that their views are not those shared by this country.? And I’m quite proud of that.’

So let me ask you Ms Ardern, are you proud of this?

Petty name calling.

Threatening to put a stake through the heart.

Bomb threats.

Another bomb threat.

Arson threats.


More arson threats.

Gloating about the bomb hoax.

(Alison Mau, ‘journalist’, retweeted this vile rant.)

Maybe Madeleine could read a book and learn to string a sentence together without profanities.


Not so subtle.

You can?t have any kind of reasoned debate with profanity and threats of violence.


Credit: Nige for suggesting this post.