Auckland ratepayers over-taxed by rapacious Goff-led Council

Goff?s vanity mirror
Digital image credit: Luke

Auckland ratepayers have been over-taxed by a rapacious Phil Goff -led Council: Quote:

Auckland Council’s nearly doubled its operating surplus to $660 million, with revenue outstripping a more modest rise in costs.

The council said the biggest part of the $319m?increase was in the value of privately built infrastructure, such as new roads built?by developers,?which had?become council property.?End quote.

Well, that’s rubbish. Value of assets has nothing to do with operating profit.?Quote:

An $18m?boost in public transport fare income also helped on the plus side.

Mayor Phil Goff said the council was?managing its finances well, but rising construction costs remained an issue.

“Construction costs are going up relentlessly as they have been for a number of years now – that makes things harder,” Goff told?Stuff.

“It means we’re in a cost-pressure environment where we’ve put aside $26 billion (over 10 years) for capital expenditure.”

“The best time to do construction is in a recession, and we’re in a boom,” he said. End quote.

There he is framing the cost increases again.

Basically, Phil Goff’s council is over taxing Auckland ratepayers.