Audio: Jan Thomas interviewed by Larry Williams

Larry Williams

Larry Williams spoke last night with Massey university Vice-Chancellor, Jan Thomas, about her unilateral decision to ban Don Brash from speaking on campus: Quote:

Another debate over free speech has arisen, only days after Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux lost the venue for their talk.

Today, Massey University announced that Don Brash was barred from speaking at a student politics club in his role as former national party leader.

The university, who is hosting the event, cited security concerns for the cancellation, saying some of Don Brash’s views on Maori rights border on hate speech.

The move has been criticised by politicians, with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern telling reporters the decision was an overreaction.

Vice Chancellor Jan Thomas told Larry Williams that the students hosting the event were concerned over security, which is why they cancelled.

“It was a really tough decision, I don’t like making these sorts of decisions, but it was for the good of the community.”

She denies that she did this because she doesn’t like Don Brash.

However, she says that a speech hosted on the campus by Hobson Pledge, which Don Brash is involved with, was particularly offensive to Maori staff.

“What I do object to is where speech that demeans or humiliates or silences a group of people based on a common trait is something that we don’t accept on a university campus.” End quote.

If they come for Don Brash, who is next?

I am coming to the conclusion that there needs to be some push back. I am all for the Free Speech Coalition becoming formalised and official and starting to raise funds to sue some of these academics who are moving to silence those they don’t agree with.

They need to be made to comply with the law.