Audio: What an arrogant Gunt

Listen to the audio here.

Green Party co-leader James Shaw has slammed a Newshub journalist for their reporting of Marama Davidson?s use of the word ‘c**t’ at an anti-racism rally.

Ms Davidson dropped the ?C- bomb? repeatedly an anti-racism rally attended by families and children earlier this month.

How pathetic. This is like governments who focus on slamming those who complain about rape gangs and terrorism instead of acknowledging that there is a problem and that their complaints are completely valid. A co-leader using such offensive language in front of children is a big deal and is totally unacceptable behaviour. How arrogant of James Shaw to go on the offensive instead of acknowledging that there is a problem.?Imagine if a teacher or a nurse or any other public servants repeatedly said the word cunt. What is so special about Marama Davidson that she gets a free pass with foul language?