Baby brain

One of the very few articles about Jacinda’s return that is not about babies, breastfeeding or ‘multitasking’ is Tracey Watkins’ article on?Stuff, but in truth, it is as much of a puff piece as all the others. For some reason, Watkins dreams that all the problems with business confidence will vanish with a wave of Jacinda’s wand. Quote:

?Jacinda Ardern’s return will give the Government back some momentum – and a chance for a reset.

The Government’s popularity appears to be holding up, according to internal party polling at least. But the gulf between business and the Government is turning into a chasm.

Business confidence is in a funk?and – extraordinarily – on a par with levels not seen since the global financial crisis.

She tried to confront business confidence head on in the weeks before having her baby – admitting to one business audience it was the elephant in the room.

But it is now looming as the biggest central concern her Government faces. End quote.

Yes. As the construction industry falters, it is time for everyone to stop pretending that there is no problem really, it is just that business hates Labour governments. Quote:

Yet business continues to feel excluded by a government that it considers unfriendly at best, and hostile at worst.

Much of that us driven by uncertainty about the Government’s industrial relations agenda, but the Government has also taken on board the lessons from the decision to halt oil and gas exploration without notice, which helped fuel the sense of “them and us”. end quote.

Well, yes. And threats to agriculture – our biggest exporter – with increased costs due to a government that wants to reduce our climate footprint to a point that will do absolutely nothing for the world situation, but will do a lot of damage to our economy. Quote:

The two sides could keep talking past each other about who’s right and who’s wrong, but it’s now beyond that point. Someone has to fix it and the only person who can do that is Ardern. end quote.

Do me a favour… The fish and chip wrapping queen can restore business confidence in the country? With all her experience and knowledge of business? quote:

Ardern was popular with Auckland business before she became leader of the Opposition and a mood of the boardroom survey rated her well ahead of any of her colleagues as being one of Labour’s more business savvy MPs.

Labour probably didn’t make enough of that in the early stages of this government. end quote.

Which would be why the business briefing with the PM and government ministers has been cancelled this year, because no one could be bothered turning up to listen to their drivel? So, is she really that popular with business then? The boardroom survey may have rated her well ahead of her colleagues, but that is not exactly saying much, is it??quote:

So don’t be surprised if one of Ardern’s first moves on her return is to?bring some of the “Jacinda effect” to bear on business by taking a?more front and centre?approach to the economy. end quote.

So what is she going to do? Sprinkle fairy dust everywhere?

Ardern is the least business savvy prime minister we have had in decades. Helen Clark did not start well but eventually wised up to the fact that she needed to get alongside business leaders and encourage business development. But Jacinda hasn’t got a clue. She has no idea how to start the ‘conversation’, and to make it worse, everyone now knows that she can just shut down a profitable business sector, without consultation or warning because she wants to send virtue signals. No business person will ever trust her again. If they ever did.

Sometimes I agree with Tracey Watkins but if she really believes that Jacinda Ardern is the solution to plummeting business confidence, then we really are all doomed.