Bombs & shots fired: An article by Not Jan Thomas

Massey University Vice-Chancellor Professor Jan Thomas Photo credit: Massey university.
Digital image credit: Pixy

My name is Not Jan Thomas?and I have been proven right as this report in a completely non-biased newspaper proves. Quote.

Quote:Protesters made their mark at a free speech debate when former National party leader Don Brash took to the stage to defend the right to freedom of expression.
Almost 600 people packed out a lecture theatre at Auckland University to debate whether the politically correct culture had gone to the point of limiting freedom of speech, with speakers facing plenty of heckling from both sides.End of quote.

Witnesses report shots being fired and bombs going off. Hundreds of students were injured and Brash was riddled with bullets.(Okay, perhaps no gunfire and Don Brash wasn’t actually injured.) but you know, it could have happened and I’m sure there was plenty of spittle. Quote.

Student protesters at Auckland University debate

Quote:A group of protesters holding signs took the chance to make their thoughts known when Brash took to the stage to argue political correctness had gone too far.

[…]Brash thanked the protesters for making his point for him and left the podium rather than try to speak over the yelling from the crowd.End of quote.

Okay, no actual bombs there either but things got really shouty and I’m sure plenty of F-bombs were dropped. Good on these protestors for exercising their freedom of speech to stop nasty Don Brash saying his nasty stuff. After all, if we can’t have freedom of speech to stop others saying things we don’t like why have it all? quote.

Quote:However, he returned to argue his case a few moments later after his supporters began to chant his name.

[…]Brash was last in the team to speak, saying the lack of freedom of speech was evidenced by the threats received by those who dared to speak out against popular opinion.

[…]The debate came on the heels of Brash’s speech to the Massey University Politics Society being banned because of security concerns around protesters.End of quote.

So there you go. That clearly shows that I was right to be worried and banning Brash was the right thing to do!


by Not Jan Thomas