Brash is spot on over Key’s government

Don Brash is making more positive headlines since leaving parliament than Helen Clark and John Key combined.

Yesterday he gave John Key’s government a good lashing: Quote:

Former National Party leader Dr Don Brash has given the previous National Government led by John Key a shocking 0/10 rating, which Duncan Garner says is “too harsh”.

Dr Brash told The AM Show on Tuesday the previous Government “failed most of the things they said they’d do”.?

When John Key became Prime Minister he said we’ll catch Australia in 17 years by 2025,” he said, adding that this never happened, and that the former Government failed on housing affordability and growth.?? End quote.

Spot on. The only thing John Key used his substantial political capital on was a stupid flag. He decided to quit not long after, once he worked out people were wise to his shallow bullshit.?Quote:

As well as being an outspoken supporter of free speech, Dr Brash has also openly criticised the current and previous Government.?

The former MP reflected on ex-BNZ chairman Kerry McDonald who in the past has rated former Prime Minister Helen Clark’s Government as 2/10 and the John Key/Bill English Government 0/10.?

Dr Brash said he agrees with Mr McDonald’s rating.?

But The AM Show host Duncan Garner said a 0/10 rating for the former Government is “too brutal and too harsh”.?

Garner said the previous Government deserves 10 points for its handling of the 2008 financial crisis and the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. He said $50 billion was borrowed “because they had to keep the benefits flowing”.

However, he said the previous Government “forgot about ordinary people struggling” near the end of its term, and that John Key and Bill English forgot how difficult it can be for middle class families trying to get by. End quote.

John? Key and Bill English never cared. All they did care about was building their CVs.