Can Sweden grow a pair again?

Caption: Scenes like this are becoming increasingly common in Sweden.

One of the most tragic, and infuriating, aspects of Angela Merkel?s disastrous 2015 decision to unilaterally throw open the borders of Europe to a tidal wave of Muslim migrants is its seeming irreversibility. Having gotten a free ride to the good life in the European welfare state, the grifting hordes are hardly likely to shove off again.

The momentous demographic displacement Merkel has foisted on Europe will also ineluctably concatenate for decades: Muslims will not only continue to outbreed native Europeans, but ?family reunions? and conversions (inevitably one-way) will continue to swell their numbers.

Merkel has almost single-handedly set Europe on a path to Islamic domination. Italian Monsignor Carlo Liberati might argue with some justification that ?we will all be Muslims because of our stupidity,? but the fact remains that one person is more stupidly responsible than any other. Merkel?s idiotic virtue-signalling has set Europe on a crash-course to demographic disaster.

Three German rulers in a century have set out to destroy Europe. The last one looks to have finally succeeded.

Unless something is done. Quote:

Swedish party wants to send back all migrants who refuse to work or contribute to society

The opposition [Alternative for Sweden] party?s chairman Gustav Kasselstrand emphasised, among other things, the importance of sending back immigrants who have abused the Swedes? hospitality. End of quote.

Sweden has so far been one of the supinely submissive nations to the new Islamic conquest of Europe. As Muslim immigrants riot, bomb and rape their way through the Swedish population, civil authorities not only routinely refuse to even investigate Muslim crimes, they arrest and jail native Swedes who dare to talk openly about them. Worse, ordinary Swedes submit themselves to the new Orwellian reign of terror: mumbling conventional platitudes and excuses, even when their own children are raped and killed by Muslim migrants.

Their Viking ancestors would be appalled. But Swedes might finally grow a pair again. Quote:

?Alternative for Sweden can bring about the greatest political earthquake in Sweden in modern times. It is an earthquake that would be ten times as big as the Swedish Democrats? entry into the Riksdag (Parliament), when we enter the Riksdag,? Kasselstrand said. End of quote.

Alternative for Sweden split in 2017 from the Sweden Democrats. The Sweden Democrats are on track to place second in the country?s imminent general elections. If they succeed, and if the two Alternative for Sweden members (currently technically listed as independents) keep their seats, or even increase their vote, it may indicate a turning point in the previously fatally cowed Swedish polity. Quote:

His party?s Deputy Chairman emphasized in his speech that AfS not only wants to expel illegal and criminal immigrants. The party also wants to send back all immigrants who have been granted residence permits and anyone who refuses to work and contribute to Swedish society.

?Even though we totally stop immigration today, the problems in society will be as big tomorrow. An immigration stop does not solve the harmful development of society, it is not enough (..) The only measure that allows us to reverse developments in Sweden is a return,? William Hahne said. End of quote.

Such harsh measures will be a bitter pill for liberal democracies to swallow. The very nature of liberal democracies has left them uniquely vulnerable to the encroachment of a viciously illiberal ideology like Islam. It looks increasingly likely however that they will be necessary. The growing Islamisation of Europe, and all the West will be unstoppable otherwise.

If liberal democracy is to be preserved in this ?clash of civilizations?, the West must learn the same resolve it showed in the face of Nazism and Communism. Sweden may be joining Hungary and other European nations in showing the way.