Canberra is just full of Final Solutions

Caption: The face of a man who’s about to give the elites an attack of the vapours

When Fraser Anning used the phrase ?final solution? in his maiden speech in parliament, the wave of hysterical outrage he triggered could hardly have been worse if he?d taken a steaming dump on the Senate floor while giving the Roman salute, and then wiped his backside with a picture of Anne Frank.

?Shocking insult!? thundered Malcolm Turnbull. ?Racist, repugnant and disgraceful!? chirped Bill Shorten. Even Pauline Hanson joined in the pearl-clutching: ?Straight out of the Goebbels playbook!? The mainstream media were even more vehement (so it must have been a bitter disappointment when 75% of respondents to one poll voted that Anning had nothing to apologise for).

But while the great and good of the political-cultural elite were fainting and reaching for the vapours, others did their research. Turns out that Canberra has quite a thing for final solutions. Quote:

?It?s a phrase torn from the darkest pages of human history,? raged Labor leader Bill Shorten, hammering its historical Nazi connection.

?Two words which speak of the brutalisation and murder of millions, two words that evokes fear, grief and trauma and loss.?

As it happens, however, it?s also a phrase torn from the pages of Hansard. End of quote.

Judging from the multifarious instances of those two words that allegedly only speak of the murder of millions, Canberra must be a hotbed of goose-stepping, brown-shirted Nazis. Or not. Quote:

In 2013, a report from the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit ? which is not a branch of the Third Reich, according to all available evidence ? noted that ?in order to reach a final solution? there should be more reports about other reports.

During the same year, a parliamentary examination of ?general meat labelling issues? cited this submission from the RSPCA (again, not Nazi-affiliated):

“Rather than coming up with a final solution, we consider it important that these definitions include information about the facilities that are part of the production process.? End of quote.

As if that isn?t horrific enough, the dog whistles to genocide just keep on coming. Quote:

In 2015, a committee looking at ?current lifelong planning and support schemes? quoted decidedly non-genocidal disability assistance group Pave the Way:

?People may put plans in place thinking that that is the final solution for their son or daughter ?? End of quote.

Oh, come on: we all know the Nazis started out eliminating the ?unfit? disabled. The road to Auschwitz couldn?t be more obvious. Quote:

And then there was this line from Professor Reg Coutts, part of a committee considering issues relating to the NBN (which doesn?t stand for Neuengamme Buchenwald Niederhagen):

?We thoroughly considered the options for the NBN particularly FTTN and the possible scenarios to transition to a FTTP solution which is accepted worldwide as the ?final solution?.?End of quote.

So it seems that the delirium in response to what Anning insisted was an innocent slip of the tongue is more than a little opportunistic. Quote:

Parliament has final solutions busting out all over the place. Say it in the Senate, though, and the hugging begins. End of quote.

Captions: Ordinary Australians didn’t get quite as carried away as the pollies and journos

The Greens moved all manner of huggy-bunny motions responding to what they perceived as the rampant Nazism in Anning?s phrase. Rumour has it that next they?ll be calling for Australian media to ban Pere Ubu?s 1976 punk classic, Final Solution, as well as any music by either Joy Division or New Order: both phrases culled from the Nazi lexicon.

After all, you can?t be too careful, when you?re stamping out hate-speech.