Captain Underpants vs the truck driver from Huntly

Tuku Morgan is on the attack against the truck driver from Huntly aka?King T?heitia aka the Maori King: Quote:

Tukoroirangi Morgan, the M?ori King’s former adviser, has sent him a scathing three-page letter in which he calls him a “puppet king”.

Morgan, a former MP and broadcaster, said in his letter to King T?heitia that he had no choice but to defend himself after the King publicly criticised him at an Iwi Chairs Forum dinner at Ngaruawahia recently.

Our people see you as a ‘puppet King‘ … As I travel around the motu the support for Kiingitanga is in decline,” he wrote.

Morgan also referred to a Serious Fraud Office (SFO) investigation into claims of financial misappropriation connected to one of the King’s close advisers, Rangi Whakaruru.

Morgan said that when the King was first selected, he was “proud”, but as his chief adviser he “cringed each time you stood to speak and hoped your speeches were short. There were occasions when you publicly abused people by swearing at them”.

“Some of our people fear you. I don’t and I never have.”

King T?heitia’s adviser Sir Wira Gardiner said in a statement today: “As is well known, the SFO continues to investigate aspects associated with the King’ office. Until such time as they report, we will certainly not be commenting on any such matters or allegations.”

Maori Development Minister Nanaia Mahuta today said much of the letter contained issues related to the SFO investigation and she couldn’t comment on those.

“The tribe is looking seriously at many of the things that were said, but many more are a matter for the Serious Fraud Office,” she told reporters.

The?Herald?has been reporting on the issues for more than a year. End quote.

Stuff also reports: Quote:

In his letter addressed to the King, Morgan examines the spending by Whakaruru while contrasting it with the state of his people.

“How can a $83,000 loan be given to Rangi Whakaruru when tribal members have no homes and kai to put on their table,” Morgan wrote.

“How can Rangi justify his $250,000 salary, his $100,000 leased SUV and his ability to have all his expenses reimbursed by the office including Business Class travel, hotels and incidentals when some tribal members don’t even have kai to give their children to take to school.

“Outside the very doors of your office in Ngaruawahia, the HUK Gang is providing lunches for our children.”

The Tribal Huk gang has been?making sandwiches to feed hungry childrensince 2014.

Morgan lays out exactly what he alleges the money was spent on, writing: “$129,000 spent on perfume, beauty treatments and clothes.

“There was also $90,000 in cash withdrawals. As for the nine staff members on the payroll, we will soon know who they are when the Serious Fraud Office undertakes their investigation. All of the spending was under Rangi Whakaruru’s management.

“As reported in the media we will also find out who received a $43,000 tummy-tuck operation at a Private Hospital in Auckland once the SFO investigation is completed.”?End quote.

Well, Tuku Morgan certainly should recognise inappropriate spending on clothes when he sees it ay?