Cars or cycles Wellington?

Finally, someone in the media has started to see sense over the problems with filling up Wellington with cycleways. Ultimately, it leads to more congestion, not less, and more risks for everyone.

Stuff?has published an article written by Audrey Malone, who questions the wisdom of the council’s plan. And it is not before time. quote:

I was driving behind a cyclist at 10kmh?on a narrow Wellington road last week trying to quell my increasing rage.

The cyclist had whipped out in front of me as I waited at a red light. I had been there first, and then ‘bammo’, in comes the cyclist 10 seconds before it hits green.

As I was dawdling along, I?actively tried to rationalise the situation.

“Cyclists are good for the environment. Everyone is entitled to use the road,” my mantra went. end quote.

But where is the mantra that says that cyclists don’t have to worry about the road rules? quote:

Finally there was enough space on the road for me to safely pass. As I was passing, old mate cyclist had?a bit of a wobbly, cycles in a diagonal direction and I had?to slam on my brakes so I didn’t hit him.

Then he veers back to the side of the road, with?the tenacity to glare at me as I manoeuvre past him and his thick, woolly socks popping up over his trousers.

It’s the most compelled I’ve been in a long time to wind down the window, flip the bird and cuss at a stranger.

You see, I don’t want anyone’s blood on my hands.

But that’s the thing with Wellington, the roads are becoming increasingly congested. There’s not enough space for cars, cyclists, buses, motorcyclists, skateboarders, scooterers, and pedestrians, and there is an ever-increasing frequency of the aforementioned situation.

Due to lack of space for infrastructure for both motorists and cyclists to?get around this city of ours safely, one?has to cede. end quote.

Yes, and if the council has its way, it won’t be the cyclists. quote:

My personal feeling would be we get rid of bikes. end quote.

Oh, me too. And the cycleways. Because there is not enough room for both traffic and bikes on the roads of the capital. Most of them are not wide enough for the traffic that exists now.

I have a client who has a mechanical repairs workshop in the central CBD. Earlier this year, the council decided to temporarily close the street where his workshop is. Obviously, it is hard to have a motor repair shop in a street where no traffic is allowed. He took the issue up with the council… and was told to take a hike. It was the council’s long-term intention to get cars out of the central city altogether.

I don’t, therefore, rate Audrey Malone’s chances of persuading the council to see things her way. But I think we should all keep trying, nevertheless. quote.

Sure, when the public transport is in a much better position with widely accessible trains and buses, and cyclists we can revisit the?conundrum?and look to reinstating bicycles. But for now, we need to take some time out, put bicycles in the naughty corner.

But for now, perhaps we should all get on Wellington Mayor Justin Lester’s case and demand change ??zone Wellington as a bike-free area. end quote.

Like everything else in Wellington though, it seems the council will do what they want to do, regardless of ratepayers preferences or opinions. I never quite understand this, as they are all elected representatives, and you may be foolish enough to think that they would listen to the people that elect them.

There is only one way to make them listen. Time for people to actually start voting in local elections and get rid of these idiots, once and for all. Maybe then, finally, they will start listening to the people who are most affected by this nonsense. That is you and me, by the way.