Caution this post contains high levels of smug

I like to deliberately endanger my unborn child for smug photo op’s.

Geeze, just how many bikes does one virtue signalling useless list MP need?

After seeing yet another ‘Look At Me, I’m Better Than You Because I Cycle!’ picture of your smug Associate Transport Minister this week as she allegedly cycled off to hospital to drop her sprog, (followed closely by a car full of her ‘support crew’), it struck that she must have an awful lot of bikes as she is rarely to be seen on the same bike twice.

So I decided to take one for the team and actually put her name into that search thingy on the computer. That place is scary, it actually made me quite nauseous, all that smug flowing out of the screen and onto my keyboard.

So after finding dozens of photos of JAG beaming up at me from behind a bike, I was able to find at least ten different cycles.

There was this one pretending she rode to work that day.

I haven’t got a helmet today, I’m just virtue signalling.

And of course, this one where she was able to virtue signal in front of some hipsters in a cafe.

Oooh, minty green.

And this one when she was trying to get you to vote for her. (You didn’t, she lost).

Vote for me, I cycle.

Or again without a helmet, so no actual riding going on.

I’m so smug, I’ll even ride funny looking bikes.

But look, you can cut down trees and still have bikes for her to be smug on. (I hope that skinny orange scarf doesn’t get caught around a moving part!)

Caution, smug level extreme!

Careful now, this picture contains double smug, both bikes and buses. (Cool that the bike had her name on it though).

I can even pretend to ride my bike onto a bus!

You can even get smug shots indoors with the right filter.

You don’t need helmets indoors if you’re just virtue signalling.

Silly girl forgot to do her helmet up for this bit of Gay Smugness While Cycling Awareness. Doesn’t she know that’s illegal? The pink lid must always be securely fastened, oh, unless you’re just virtue signalling.

Got my gay on at the Pride Parade on my bike.

Anyway, you all get the point. If you’re into self-flagellation there is plenty more on the net.

But what’s with so many bikes, surely she doesn’t own them all? I wonder if she owns any of them?

And so many electric bikes. Think of the poor children in the lithium mine!

And so much plastic! How can she look at herself in the mirror when she is wearing a plastic lid on her head, or wearing plastic shoes, or carrying plastic drink bottles, and all the plastic on the bikes themselves?

Not to mention all the rubber that will wear out and end up in the ocean, probably making a little black rubber cloud right in front of a turtle.

JAG, please, think of the turtles!

They have no smug filter so are perilously susceptible to this sort of thing.