Creepy queer university wants nasty woman silenced

Caption: Warning: This dangerous extremist may cause your children to think for themselves

The left claim to love ?dangerous ideas?, and to champion ?women?s voices?. But what they really mean is that they only love whacky nonsense they already agree with, and they only champion the voices of women who say what the left wants them to.

Women who speak opinions the left don?t like are silenced more viciously than if the Taliban muffled them with a black tent. Ideas that are dangerous to leftist dogmas are summarily labelled ?hate speech? and rigorously censored.

Even on the rare occasions that leftist institutions grudgingly allow ideas which threaten their cosy echo-chambers, the black-shirted paramilitary thugs of leftism use extreme violence to stamp their jackboots on any free exchange of ideas. Quote:

An Australian university will allow a controversial sex therapist to speak on campus despite her opinion that the sexual assault and rape crisis at universities around the country is a ‘myth’.

La Trobe University barred Bettina Arndt from presenting at an event organised by the Liberal Club due to her views.

The university backflipped on their ban on Wednesday but have told the Liberal Club that they will have to pay for extra security. End of quote.

A bit of background: La Trobe is home to the ?Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society?, a creepy, Orwellian Queer Theory think tank. This ?research centre? was responsible for the notorious ?Safe Schools? state-enforced gender indoctrination program. Its Assistant Director openly argued for the ?legal rights of paedophiles and their young loves; and finally, the sexual rights of children as a whole?. He also glowingly wrote that ?love, warmth, support and nurture is an important part of the paedophilic relationship?.

So, kiddy-fiddlers are a-ok, but a woman who challenges bogus dogma about an imaginary ?rape crisis? is beyond the pale. Quote:

The sex therapist and psychologist had criticised a report by the Human Rights Commission that suggested sexual harassment was endemic to Australian campuses.

Mrs Arndt is anticipated to question whether there is a rape crisis on campus by suggesting the report showed ‘hardly any rape and only a lot of unwanted staring.’ End of quote.

This is the dodgy crux that the hysteria over the mythical ?rape crisis? rests solely on. It?s a common gambit from activists to survey a whole range of behaviours, some mild, some extreme. But then they lump them all together under the name of the worst possible behaviour, so as to pretend that the worst is the most common.

For instance, a survey on ?self-harm? identifies that mild ?harm? like pinching is very common. Extreme harm like cutting is very rare. But both are lumped together as ?self-harm?, and it is then reported that ?X number of teen self-harm?, and from there, that ?self-cutting is common among teens?. It?s a sleazy pea-and-shells game that is shockingly common.

In the case of ?sexual harassment?, surveys cover everything from common but relatively harmless behaviours like ?unwanted eye contact?, right up to terrible but fortunately very rare occurrences like actual physical rape. But they are all reported under the blanket term ?sexual harassment?. Activists then screech that ?1 in 4 women on campus is raped?.

This is self-evident nonsense. If that were really true, then universities would be more dangerous than actual war zones like the Congo. Anyone who actually believes that has something seriously wrong with them.

But anyone who disagrees is summarily silenced by the screeching frightbats of the leftist establishment. Quote:

The university allegedly wanted to ban the event?A La Trobe University spokesperson said: ‘?what we’re trying to do is create an environment on campus that’s safe, respectful and inclusive. End of quote.

Safe for everyone who meekly complies with idiotic leftist lies. Respectful and inclusive of everyone except Thought Criminals.

Even when the leftist establishment is grudgingly forced to give way, like the old-school socialist paramilitaries of the 20s and 30s, it still uses the threat of violence to bash dissenters into silence. Quote:

‘I’m ashamed (the university’s) first instinct is to censor us and the first reaction is to stamp (controversial ideas) out rather than letting open debate happen,’ said James Plozza, president of the La Trobe University Liberal Club. End of quote.