Crony Watch: Labour appoints Margaret Wilson to Waikato DHB

Labour has appointed another crony to a position and again the cronyism is being promulgated by David Clark: Quote:

Health Minister Dr David Clark has announced new appointments to the Waikato and Counties Manukau District Health Boards.

Current chair of Bay of Plenty DHB Sally Webb has been appointed chair of Waikato DHB, while former Speaker of the House and law professor Margaret Wilson will bring valuable legal insight to her role as deputy chair.

?No one should underestimate the task of governance in our public health service. DHB members play a vital role overseeing the delivery of health services to New Zealanders.

?Both Ms Webb and Professor Wilson will contribute strong leadership and governance to Waikato. I thank them for agreeing to take on these important roles,? David Clark says. End quote.

Margaret Wilson was perhaps the worst speaker in living memory, she showed undue bias and a lack of control of the house unmatched for many a year. Now she has been appointed to a DHB.

Malcolm Harbrow, of No Right Turn writes: Quote:

As with many crony appointments, its not so much an issue of qualification as of preference. If Wilson had applied like a normal person and been appointed by the previous government, her appointment would have been unobjectionable. But the fact that its a Labour government appointing one of their own immediately calls both the process and the outcome into doubt. If the government wants people to have confidence in its appointments, it needs a better process which is transparent, merit-based, and does not allow Ministers or MPs to shuffle their friends in and bypass the usual process.?End quote.

He’s spot on. There is a distinct lack of transparency over these appointments and there are more and more of these crony appointments popping up.

Labour made a song and a dance over crony appointments under National and so they deserve everything they get for doing that.