Damien Grant explores why we need more prisons, not less

Damien Grant explores why we need more prisons, not less: Quote:

It is hard to go to prison in New Zealand. It took me several attempts but I was finally successful and enjoyed a delightful time touring our penal archipelago in my twenties. Sadly, despite this hands-on insight into the criminal mind, I was not invited to the Justice Summit held in Porirua.

From the media reports over-representation of M?ori in custody was a major focus. There are many reasons given for this. Colonialism. Racism. Poverty. The lack of free-to-air Rugby.

A wise person will look beyond race and seek a better explanation. Thankfully we have the dedicated researcher Lindsay Mitchell who has done just that. In a report for Family First published earlier this year she pulls no punches: “A sharp increase in unmarried births during the 1960s correlates markedly with a later rise in the imprisonment rate. Ex-nuptial births made up 79 percent of total?M?ori?births in 2017. For non-M?ori, the corresponding figure was 34 percent.”?End quote.

Pretty obvious when you ignore the bleating of racist Maori seeking to blame everyone else for their criminality. Quote:

There are a number of causes of this disruption of the traditional nuclear family. Several government agencies point to the rapid urbanisation of M?ori in the post-war period but another reason, affecting all races, has been the expanding availability of welfare that makes being a solo parent economically viable, though?not especially comfortable.

Very few people’s fertility decisions are influenced by the economics of welfare, but some are, and a disturbing?number of their children end up in prison. Today there are nearly 59,000?people on a sole-parent benefit, 10,000 of them under 24 and almost half of these are M?ori.

That’s the cohort where the next generation of prison inmates are coming. Welfare is handed down from parent to child like a poisoned heirloom and nearly 5000 benefits a year are cancelled because the beneficiary is entering prison.?End quote.

Welfarism has not solved any problems and arguably made them worse. Quote:

The cause and effect is obvious but Andrew Little and his coterie of advisors only want explanations that are politically palatable. They will not make the hard choices required to get young people off the welfare addiction that is a key factor in our rising crime rates.

I ended my penal tour, after 16 months, no better or worse than when it began. Prison does not change you. It is not a laboratory for crime and it offers no paths for redemption for people who do not alter their life’s trajectory. It is simply the price we pay for a failed welfare experiment that we lack the courage to end.

The decision to downgrade the Waikeria mega-prison is a mistake. We will need more prisons in the decades to come, not fewer. End quote.

Labour are criminal friendly and are running a catch and release criminal justice programme. People are going to die and get hurt and it will be on him.

Damien Grant is dead right, we need more prisons not less.