Debating Maori seats is not divisive: What is divisive is Maori seats

When I read that Simon Bridges didn’t want to abolish Maori seats because he thought that it would spark ” incredibly divisive debate” my first reaction was exasperation because Maori seats are incredibly divisive! They are separatism and apartheid. They are discriminatory as they treat?people differently on the basis of their race. They have no place in a democratic society where all men and women are equal and we have one person one vote.

Historically they were set up with the best of intentions but the justification for their creation no longer exists. They were always intended to be a short-term?stop-gap measure yet successive governments have chosen to leave them there. Their continued existence is as ridiculous as allowing?horse-drawn carriages to trot down all Auckland main streets on a daily basis. Their existence is incompatible with modern society and reality. Quote.

[…] “Formally speaking [National’s] position has been over time they should go on?principal. The reality is that would be an incredibly divisive debate, and we wouldn’t do that before we felt that?M?oridom?had moved on,” Mr Bridges said on TVNZ1’s Q+A last night.
He said National had a “nuance position on what is actually is a pretty chunky complex issue, where frankly the division that would be caused… wouldn’t be worth the trouble”.
When asked by host Q+A host Corin?Dann who should make the decision on whether to keep the M?ori?seats, Mr Bridges said it should be a “deeply consultative process with M?ori”.
He described the seats as “constitutionally?incredibly?significant”, and thought if there were to be any changes it would need to go through a referendum process. End quote.
Unbelievable. This is not something requiring consultation. Would you consult the foxes about whether or not they should be forced to leave the henhouse? Maori seats are an undemocratic advantage that Maori would be mad to give up willingly. Why would they ever choose to give up getting more representation and say than all the other races in New Zealand?