Debunking Dogma: Racism and inequality

Times have changed; the stereotype of the Left as being dogmatic and unable to support its arguments is now well established and has escaped from the conservative world into the public at large.

And yet the Left is very much alive and kicking, still making great progress in subverting institutions, and winning enough elections to matter.

Why is this?

I think it?s because although we on the Right have gotten really good at pointing out the existence of leftist dogma, we aren?t yet good enough at ripping it apart on specific topics. One of the very most important arguments that we need to destroy is the idea that racial inequality is mostly due to racism.

Take that argument away, and the whole progressive worldview falls apart.??

It?s going to take some doing though, as the Left dominates academia and the social sciences to an incredible, unnatural and unjustified degree, and their friends in media cover for them.

A classic case in point was this dismal article in the New York Times about social mobility in the USA, broken down by race. The social scientists involved gathered one of the biggest and best data sets ever seen. Good for them. They compared the income of people from different races and explicitly allowed for their families wealth so that it?s not a factor. About time!.

But then it all went downhill.

Before we even look at the? data, let?s guess what the explanation for unequal income differences between people of different races is:

Well done. Racism.

?Extensive Data Shows Punishing Reach of Racism for Black Boys?.

Well, if we aren?t as ridiculously biased as these so-called scientists, we need to ask what the data shows.

So what does the data actually show?
1) Asians outperform everyone, followed by whites, Hispanics, and then blacks and Native Americans.
2) Immigrant Asians outperform American-born Asians.
3) Once you account for family income, there is zero difference between white women and black women.
4) In contrast, white men hugely outperform black men.
5) Black men in a few middle-class neighbourhoods have very similar outcomes to white men.

And yet somehow we end up with a typical, ?scream Racism? result.

Let?s do what these academics did, and decide racism is the reason.
Then in that case, we can conclude:
1) Asians suffer less racism than all other races including white people.
2) Asian immigrants suffer even less racism than Asians that were born in the USA.
3) Black women suffer no real racism, but black men do.
4) Racism against Hispanics will utterly vanish in a generation or two.
5) Racism has a punishing reach, unless you have a good dad.
It?s almost like they didn?t actually ask themselves if racism really is the reason?..

Here?s a better explanation: Different races have different cultures, which affect how they perform at work and in education.
In this case we can conclude:
1) Asian immigrants care the most about education and working
2) Asians born in the USA care just a little bit more than white people
3) Black women in the USA care more about work and education than black men.
4) Intersectionality isn?t real in the way lefties think it is, or black men should outperform black women due to their male privilege.
5) Good fathers are really really important for young men.

And yet, if you agree with me, you?re an ignorant, group-thinking right-wing redneck. Weird, aye?

The article goes into the Twilight zone in a follow up Q&A:? Quote:

?The researchers found that the neighborhoods where poor black boys did well, and as well as their white peers, shared three factors: less discrimination, low poverty rates and, among low-income black families, a larger share of fathers present. (The fathers might serve as role models, or they could be a sign that these neighborhoods have other qualities that benefit families, like job opportunities and low incarceration rates.)??

? Claire Cain Miller, Reporter, The Upshot End quote.

Hang on Claire, I thought racism had a punishing reach? Doesn?t it manage to punish black men with good dads?? Quote:

?It?s hard to conclude from this study that the problem here is ?culture? for two reasons: Girls don?t appear to face the same racial disparities in income as boys, and boys face these disparities whether they?re raised poor or rich, by two parents or one. If culture were the primary driver here, you?d have to argue that boys and girls?raised in the same family?are exposed to fundamentally different cultures. You?d have to argue that rich black boys raised by married, college-educated parents in wealthy neighborhoods experience?the same culture?as poor black boys raised by single mothers in poor neighborhoods.?
? Emily Badger, Reporter, The Upshot?End quote.

Emily, a question: Racism, which is an aspect of culture definitely affects girls and boys differently, but no other cultural aspect can?? Quote:

Could the lack of a significant income gap between black and white women from the same background be explained in part by the fact that black women are less likely to be married than white women and thus more likely to bear the majority (or all) of the financial burden for a household?

James Melican, Melrose, Mass.?End quote.

No James. Shouldering financial burden would explain an income gap, not the lack of one. Quote:

?I think among the public at large, we are skeptical when it comes to academic research such as this. One wonders: Did the authors start with a conclusion and then find the statistics to support their findings?…?

It seems to me that who you call the ?public at large? is not skeptical about the actual racial disparities that the researchers found. From my reading, the critics of the study have a problem with the conclusions derived from the data on racial disparities. That is where one?s racial ideology, or what you call ?political affiliation,? most comes into play. It is not about liberal or conservative. The political divide is anti-racist and racist. Anti-racists express racial equality. So when they see studies like this that showcase racial disparities between black boys and white boys, they look for racism, and what is wrong with our policies. Racists express racial hierarchy. So when they see studies finding racial disparities, they articulate racist ideas, and claim without evidence there must be something wrong or inferior about black boys or their black parents or their black culture and on and on.

??Ibram X. Kendi,?History and international relations professor, American University, and director, The Antiracist Research and Policy Center?End quote.

And there you have it: there was only ever going to be one type of explanation allowed. Nice one, Ibram X.

We need to get really good at debunking this sort of dogma. So next time someone you know bases an argument upon the idea that racial inequality is due to racism, ask them why Asians prosper. Ask them why black women and white women do the same, given the same family background. If they are intersectional, knowingly or unknowingly, ask them why black women do better than black men.

Whatever article you read, remember the salient piece of evidence that debunks the leftist worldview. Stash those facts away in your memory and pull them out as needed.

For me, from the last year, I can point out that Jews are overrepresented in the richest people in the world to an almost ludicrous degree, thus disproving racism as the driver of economic success and that billionaires just got lucky. I can point out that US minimum wage laws were created to keep down blacks in the North, and that black families were healthier than whites until the welfare state. Etc, etc, etc.

Whatever it is, remember it, and win the specific argument. Only then should you call their dogmatic and rigid ideology what it is.

On any level playing field – i.e. outside of the media, these arguments are winnable. Let?s not just tell people that leftists are stupid about race; let?s prove it.