Dodgy ratbag Aaron Drever under police investigation

Regular readers will know that we’ve been covering the dodgy business practices of Aaron Drever.

The latest development for this ratbag is that he is now under police investigation for one of his more deleterious transactions: Quote:

Police are investigating the controversial sale of an Auckland?lawn bowls club’s upper green.

The Avondale Bowling Club land was?sold twice in one day?- with a $525,000 price jump – in December 2016.

Gerard Hulst, who was placed in charge of the club by Auckland Bowls in December 2017, said police requested an account of the 2016 sale, which?he had provided.? ?

As far as the police fraud squad is concerned, I have been told that they are following the money,” Hulst said?to the district licensing committee in August.

A police investigator also recently asked him “a couple of things about some of the money transactions, where they went”, he said at the meeting.

A police spokesperson?confirmed the land sale was being investigated.

The sale and purchase agreement was signed by then-club treasurer?Rhianne?Tippett, then-secretary Rachel Benge and president Pat Bell.

None of them responded to a request for?comment.

The club sold the?land for $300,000 to Avondale Bowling Club Ltd, a company owned by the aunt of former real estate agent and club member Aaron Drever.

Drever?said police have?not approached him?about the land sale.

He declined to comment further, but has previously said the sale was lawful and handled by lawyers.

The land was then on-sold?the day of settlement for $825,000 to a property investor, Jonathan Michell. End quote.

Would that be the now struck off lawyer who handles his trust?

Once you pull the loose string on this particularly dodgy knitted jersey the whole thing will unravel and become rather embarrassing for a number of well known Aucklanders.