Drinking camel pee to cure cancer

In the west we have separation of church and state but where Islam is the dominant religion it replaces the state, and what Islam says, goes. End. Of. Story.

Islam takes its followers back to the dark ages in medicine and superstition.

In one of the Hadiths Mohammad said his followers should drink camel urine for stomach complaints.

When some complained that the treatment did not work, Mohammad had his followers chop off their hands and feet and poke their eyes with hot nails. They were then left to die for the crime of kufah, which translates to ?a return to unbelief?.

Today Muslims who uphold this Hadith claim a 75-90% survival rate for sufferers with stomach and breast cancer following the patient ingesting camel urine and she-camel milk despite some Arab doctors describing the treatment as quackery and saying 99% of the camel urine contains harmful substances.

Despite this, Muslims are obliged to follow that same Hadith today.

Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country where a new fatwa (religious degree) is being enforced to prevent children from receiving the rubella-measles vaccine (translated from Indonesian): Quote.

Indonesia’s peak Islamic body has issued a religious decree ? or fatwa ? declaring the Rubella-Measles vaccine to be “haram” or religiously forbidden.

The Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) justified the ruling by claiming the vaccine contains traces of pork and human cells, which are banned in the Muslim religion. End of quote.

Doctors, well aware of the health issues around these highly contagious diseases running rampant in the community must be tearing their hair out.

If the measles virus infects the lungs, it can cause pneumonia. Measles in older children can lead to inflammation of the brain, called encephalitis, which can cause seizures and brain damage.

Before the vaccine, mumps was the most common cause of both meningitis (inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord) and acquired deafness in the U.S. ?In men, mumps can infect the testicles, which can lead to infertility.

If a pregnant woman gets rubella, it can be devastating. If she’s infected during the first trimester of pregnancy, there’s at least a 20% chance her child will have a birth defect such as blindness, deafness, a heart defect, or mental retardation.

Some vaccines have to be developed using human or animal cells: quote.

For some vaccines, the active ingredient has to be grown in laboratories on cultures that contain human cell-lines. This is because the viruses are specific to humans and will only grow in human cells. Once grown, the viruses are purified several times to remove the cell culture material. This makes it unlikely that any human material remains in the final vaccine. ? End of quote.

However, SSI, the world?s largest vaccine producer in India is currently unable to issue Halal certification for the measles, mumps rubella vaccine. Given the size of the Indonesian market, they must be pulling out all stops to develop a vaccine that can be Halal certified.

Another extract from the Fatweh (translated from Indonesian) says: quote.

[?.] there are competent and trusted expert information about the dangers caused by not being immunized and the absence of halal vaccines,” he added.

Kiai Ni’am also underlined that if there is a similar vaccine that is halal and sacred, then the law of MR vaccine that is used today returns to its origin which is haram used because it contains illicit substances in the manufacturing process.

For this reason, Kiai Ni’am continued, the government, especially in this case the ministry of health must guarantee the availability of halal vaccines for the benefit of the Indonesian people. In addition to health considerations, the government also needs to pay attention to religious aspects because the majority of Indonesia’s population is Muslim, so that people feel safe.

[?..] In addition, Kiai Ni’am, as the representative of the MUI fatwa commission, asked the MR vaccine producer, SSI, to try to provide halal vaccine products and certify the product in accordance with the Halal Product Guarantee Act (JPH).

Kiai Ni’am also asked the government to continue to encourage related parties such as the WHO and Muslim-populated countries to pay attention to the needs of Muslims towards halal and sacred medicines. ? End of quote.

All you free thinkers who expect other religions to live and let live are in for a nasty surprise if Islam becomes the predominant religion here, as has happened in Indonesia.

You will be forced to drink camel pee to cure your stomach complaint and your children might be born deaf and brain damaged if a Halal certificated vaccine is not available.