Elliot Ikilei: Ethnicity not the problem

Elliot Ikilei – New Conservative Deputy Leader

Deputy Leader of the New Conservative party, Elliot Ikilei in last nights debate at Auckland University argued that?Maori and Pacifica have become victims of the restrictions on free speech.

Last night at the University of Auckland a lively debate took place between the supporters of free speech and those defending New Zealand’s PC culture (when they were not being shouted down by disrespectful student protesters who gatecrashed the debate.)

Student protesters at Auckland University debate

Elliot Ikilei?stole the show with his argument supporting free speech where he emphasised the patronising impacts of current members of government endorsing a restriction to access of information. “We don’t need protection from free speech,” he said.

The debate came on the back of some weeks of public conjecture about the made-up term hate speech (which has no legal significance) and the right of individuals to speak freely.

Jacinda Ardern spoke last night of her great “frustration” with the appointment of Wally Haumaha as Deputy Police Commissioner because all the information wasn?t on the table before the appointment was made.

This provided Elliot with a perfect example of why access to information is vitally important.

Yes, Prime Minister. That is why free speech is so important to all New Zealanders If all the information is not on the table, wrong decisions are made. We have, not just the right to hear all the data, but the absolute need to hear it all […]

Elliot Ikilei was the leader of the winning team on the night.