Even Jacinda realises that Dutton is a game-changer

Digital Image: Lushington Brady

The likely elevation of Peter Dutton to the Australian prime minister?s chair is exploding lefty heads all over Australia. Even across the ditch, left-wing politicians are getting the message that they won’t be dealing with a watermelon lurking under a Liberal blue cloak. Quote:

The Prime Minister is softening her language over whether she will meet with refugees on Nauru when she visits the island for the Pacific Islands Forum next month. End of quote.

Ardern was obviously hoping that Malcolm Turnbull, the wettest Liberal leader in decades, would be a push-over for her virtue-signalling crusade on so-called ?refugees?. Instead, now she?s likely to be faced down by Peter Dutton. As minister for home affairs, Dutton has been a steely hard-liner on border protection. Quote:

It comes as pressure is mounting on the Australian government to accept New Zealand’s offer to take 150 refugees from Nauru and Manus Island. End of quote.

?Pressure? from where? A unflushable cess-pit of noisy activists in Australia have never ceased their bleating chorus of ?compassion?, but the fact is that the Australian public has long since had a gutsful of country-shopping illegal immigrants washing straight from our shores to the nearest welfare office. The Abbott government won a landslide on an explicit policy of boat turn-backs. Polls show that 76% of Australians support border protection.

Caption: “Hey, Tony: Jacinda thought Mal was still going to be PM!”

So now the illegal immigrants banking on Ardern the soft touch are going to be hard out of luck. Quote:

An Iranian man detained on Nauru wrote to Jacinda Ardern earlier this month asking if he could meet with her when she visits Nauru.

He was told by her office that would not be possible as she will be focussed on the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders’ meeting. End of quote.

As the deposing of the hapless Turnbull looks a certainty, Ardern begins back-pedalling. Quote:

“I’m currently still working though my programme when I’m on Nauru, I will have a very short time, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will have a slightly longer time, but we are just finalising the details of what my programme there will look like.” End of quote.

Ardern has no doubt also been banking on Turnbull inevitably losing to the Labor party. Labor leader Bill Shorten is a policy vacuum who?ll bend over willingly for any lobby group he thinks will keep him in power. Labor are already signalling that they will re-open Australia?s borders the instant they get the keys to the Lodge. Quote:

Shadow Minister for Immigation and Border Protection, Shayne Neumann, [wrote] to Malcolm Turnbull, Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton – urging them to accept New Zealand’s offer. End of quote.

And of course, there?s no clown show without Punch. Quote:

Green Party MP Golriz Ghahraman, said that was a major turnaround for Australian Labor.

“Because you know we’ve seen election after election, Labor not really stepping up and in fact they have imposed this policy of offshore detention for refugees as well, so there is hope that actually Australian politics is shifting.” End of quote.

The people-smugglers and their open-borders patsies in Western countries are banking on it, but if the gods are kind, it will never happen. Shorten in power would be as disastrous for Australia as Corbyn in Britain. Under Malcolm Turnbull, the Liberals had even less chance of preventing that than Britain?s conservatives do under the hopeless Theresa May. The ascension of Peter Dutton could change all that.

Ardern can get on her soapbox all she likes, but, firstly, she knows that a hardliner like Dutton would never agree to offloading the country-shoppers on Nauru and Manus to New Zealand, from where they?ll inevitably wind up in Australia anyway. Secondly, she also knows that she can safely virtue-signal because, unlike Australia, New Zealand doesn?t have to worry about people-smuggling boats flooding its coast. New Zealand is too far from the jumping-off ports, and Australia acts as an enormous shepherd moon. Australia absorbs the impact of illegal immigrants bound for the Antipodes.

Mutti Ardern wants to boost her lefty credentials with a handful of token resettlements, but Dutton will just pull the soapbox out from under her.