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Don Brash NewstalkZB

Don Brash has been nominated for New Zealander of the Year.

Voting for Don Brash will not only be a vote for a worthy recipient but it may also help promote the Free Speech Coalition and the incredibly important cause of protecting our freedom of speech in New Zealand. Anti-free speech activists have done their best to smear Don Brash. What a victory it would be for him to win New Zealander of the year!

The nominations so far include…

  • Dr Don Brash (Auckland) – former National Party leader, free speech advocate
  • Annah Stretton (Hamilton) – fashion designer, philanthropist and entrepreneur
  • Peter Burling (Auckland) – Team New Zealand yachting skipper
  • Sue Kedgley (Wellington) – former Greens MP, Wellington regional councillor
  • Mike King (Auckland) – mental health advocate
  • Dave Letele (Manurewa) – athlete and weight-loss coach
  • Alan Halse (Hamilton) – director of Culturesafe NZ
  • Mary O’Hagan (Wellington) – mental health innovator and advocate
  • Simone Anderson (Auckland) – lifestyle influencer and weight-loss star