Face of the day

Former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan has died, aged 80.

[…] Annan, one of the world’s most celebrated diplomats and a charismatic symbol of the United Nations, started at the United Nations in 1962 as a low-ranking officer with the World Health Organization in Geneva.

He rose through its ranks to become the first black African Secretary General.

Annan earned selection to the top United Nations post under controversial circumstances. Incumbent Boutros Boutros-Ghali ran unopposed in 1996, but was denied the second term when the United States of America vetoed his selection despite him receiving 14 out of 15 Security Council votes.

He served two terms, from January?1, 1997 to December?31, 2006, capped nearly mid-way when he and the UN?were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001.

During his tenure, Annan presided over some of the worst failures and scandals at the world body, one of its most turbulent periods since its founding in 1945.