Faces of the day

Three Kiwi cops on an overseas holiday?

Nope, guess again.

Auckland City District Police Facebook page.

Our Community Policing team dropped by the Eid Festival at Mt Smart Stadium. The celebration was about diversity, happiness and unity.

All the men are wearing dresses and there are no women at all.

Where is all this diversity you speak of?

The above screenshot is from a Facebook video that shows Mr Rakesh Naidoo who is New Zealand Police Inspector on secondment to the Human Rights Commision with disgraced Imam Dr Anwar Sahib. Both men were welcomed to the non-diverse ‘diversity dinner’ held by Counties Manukau Police last week.

How can there be “unity” when one group is singled out for special attention and dinners by the New Zealand police?

How can there be unity when a Police commissioner, Simon Bridges and Jacinda Ardern all wear the religious headgear of one group and one group only.

The Ministry of Silly hats. Credit: Boondecker